Why do we give up without trying?

As 2022 is ending and 2023 is beginning soon, I want to convey a message.

Don’t give up without trying!

I can’t do it!

A common phrase, I’ve often heard and sometimes said it myself too.


Are we afraid of failure, or hesitant to step out of our comfort zone? Or perhaps we think we are too old for doing something new?

Here’s a bit of free and unsolicited advice; Do try it at least once and if you still feel it’s not your cup of tea, then feel free to give it up.

When I thought about starting a blog, the first thought that crossed my mind was, yes you guessed it right; I can’t do it!

But I could and did. The same went for writing fiction and poetry. If I had never tried it, I would never have found out that I love blogging. I would never have found one thing that keeps me sane when I’m bound to my bed, recovering from my foot surgery, or during the two years of isolation during Covid.

Be adventurous and try new things. Maybe you’ll like them and maybe you won’t. But you wouldn’t have the regret that you never tried it.



62 thoughts on “Why do we give up without trying?

  1. Well said Sadje, and as a writer, I understand the frustrations and difficulties of trying to get published. We lose confidence in our manuscripts to make the grade, but over the years I have found that persistence and self-belief eventually win through …

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  2. I think my mantra for 2023 is going to be try everything at least once … thank you for the prompt, Sadje.

    It’s ironic now that I’m blogging and getting an understanding of blogging but I thought I’d be so out of date and too old to blog … I thought bloggers were all young people 🤣

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    1. Brenda I’ve wanted to start a blog for so many years and like you I thought I would be out of touch and it was only for young people. I finally took the plunge and I am so happy I did. Keep up the good work and we can do anything.💝

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  3. Sound advice! My usual excuse is, “Well, back in my younger days I might have tried it, but I’m too old now.” But, if anybody else said that, I’d tell them that you’re never too old … mind over matter! Happy New Year, Sadje!

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