I was so surprised!

When I started blogging more than 4 years ago, I was tremendously surprised and pleased that people were reading my blog.

Now more than 4 years later, my surprise and gratitude haven’t lessened, and I am still very grateful that people read, like, and comment on what I write. It has been a satisfying journey and a great learning experience.

Blogging has given me what I never expected, it has given me a big community that I call my blogging family, wonderful people who not only read but also encourage me.

I pay $8 per month,( $96 per anum) for my site that may look expensive, but it’s cheaper than any therapy because my blog is my therapy, it’s my outlet and it’s what gives me confidence and I don’t grudge spending money on it.

Writing, thinking, and interacting here via my blog keeps my brain active and keeps me mentally young, who wouldn’t want that?


This post is a re-share from last year! It fitted the prompt and it’s how I still feel.


Written in response to Six Sentence Story- Surprise, hosted by Denise



106 thoughts on “I was so surprised!

  1. My blog has been an important part of my life since 2006. Many fellow bloggers have come and gone over the years, and quite a few still remain from back then. I can’t imagine a life without it, or without the friends I share this wonderful place with, our blogosphere!

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  2. You’re so open, welcoming and encouraging Sadje. Who wouldn’t read your blog. You’re always here for the community, and from my own experience, supportive and encouraging.

    Thank you for being here, Sadje. Looking forward to continuing to read your posts in 2023 … and years to come.


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  3. I am the exact same, Sadje! When I first started my blog, it was just a hobby … a venue for the book reviews I frequently wrote, and I figured it would be entertaining for a few months. I was stunned when I hit my first 100 readers, a few of whom have since become good friends. My regular readers are my blogging family and they share my laughter, tears, and everything in between! I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Like you, I have a paid account because it’s worth it to me. I think blogging is one of the best uses of the internet that I’ve found! Happy New Year and here’s to another year of writing our blogs! 🥂

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  4. I’m so grateful for the friends and community I’ve found here, and love to see your new posts every day, you cover so many amazing things! 💞💞💞

    Quick question if you don’t mind…I’ve only been using the free version of WP. What benefits have you found with the paid version that I’m missing? I’ve been toying with upgrading, but not sure what it will change.

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    1. Thanks Dawn! The paid version entitles you to an ad free site. It also gives you more storage space for your photos. Perhaps it also gives you access to more widgets but not sure.

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      1. Fantastic, Sadje, thank you! So far I’m not maxed out on photo space, and I’m already not using all the widgets (I don’t think). I’ll have to ask readers how annoying the ads are because I’m not sure! Deeply appreciate the answer 💞

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  5. Stunning blog post Sadje. I can see why you were baffled and stunned , it is surprising when plenty of traffic hits your website and blog. After 4 years of blogging you definitely have seen great days and that’s amazing and appreciative.

    Even myself I am surprised that recently WordPress has informed me that my blog “Mens Fashion & Style by Mthobisi” has reached the 1 337 likes climax (I wrote this post on Christmas Day) and I was very happy to see this notification.

    Happy blogging Sadje and keep going. Happy New Year too- 2023 here we dive in🎆🎆👏👏

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