Throwback Thursday # 69- Gifts

Lauren and Maggie are hosting this challenge.

Since I’m running really short on time, and last year I wrote a post about gift giving and receiving, in response to Throwback Thursday # 6, I’m sharing this post again in the hope that you may have forgotten it and would enjoy reading it again.

This week my subject is memories of gift giving or receiving.

Today I ask you to reach back into your memory bank and tell us about a gift you received or gave.


I would write about the many amazing gifts that I received

But alas my memory refuses to recall any of them clearly

Though I know that there have been many that gladdened my heart

And made me proud to be that person who inspired that loyalty

As for the gifts that I thought up and presented to my loved ones

Those have been so many and so varied

From a simple bouquet and a homemade card

They include expensive gadgets and
pieces of jewelry for my daughters

It matters not the value of the gift you give or receive

What matters is the love that accompanied that gift




30 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday # 69- Gifts

  1. The sentiment behind the gift is priceless. I fondly recollect my brother giving me a 25 paise coin which had the emblem of Asian Games behind it. It was in 1982 when the games were held in India and the government had minted a few of these coins. I was over the moon when I got the coin and proudly flaunted it to all my friends ☺️

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