Vacation for writers?


“A writer never has a vacation. For a writer life consists of either writing or thinking about writing. “


I definitely agree with this quote in reference to a person who is a bona fide writer. Those who write for a living, writing books, poetry, or other literary stuff. They are either writing or thinking about what to write almost consistently.

In reference to a blogger, this can be true for those who are writing long, planned-out posts that they publish daily, or very frequently on their blogs.

But for the rest of the casual/ hobby bloggers, this may not be the case. I, for example, write most of my posts in response to prompts, so when I see those weekly or monthly prompts, I write my posts, schedule them and then I’m done with writing for the day. I don’t consistently think about writing, even though I’m always on the lookout for images for my WDYS prompts or questions for my Sunday posers.

For a blogger who plans their posts beforehand, I think this quote rings true. While, for the casual blogger, this may not be their 24 hours preoccupation!


Written for; Blogging Insights NF # 65 — Holidays for writers/bloggers?, hosted by Tanya



73 thoughts on “Vacation for writers?

  1. It is so true, I go away for a ‘break’ and my notebook is there as ideas will come. I have notebooks around my house too as I can be cooking or taking a shower and the muse will pop by

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  2. Well said Sadje! I often can’t plan my writing … it comes out at inopportune times of the day and night, usually when I have space in my brain for creativity. Now “serious writing”, sends me into orbit with deadlines etc. 🥹😳

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  3. For me, it is definitely true. Though I am only a blogger, my blog is political in nature and as such, I am always reading or thinking about the news and how it might play a role in my next post or the one after that. I find it nearly impossible to shut it down for more than an hour or two.

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  4. A writer’s mind is always working whether for a book, blog, or otherwise. I write more than one post a day, however, the majority of the time, I publish only one. I write way ahead of time for both of my blogs. I resigned from Go Dog Go Cafe so I will have more time to spend on my blogs.

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  5. My muse likes to be wild and free…some days she is filled with ideas and inspiration and other days I get the NOPE. I’ve learned to jot down the ideas or they will drive me crazy circling my brain until I do, and then I can recapture the essence of it during my actual writing time. I wish I could be more structured like you and some of the other bloggers I stalk (I mean follow) here and still provide such exceptional pieces! 💞

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  6. This is so true! I really want to write as my full-time. I always hated working 9-5s and would rather be able to work around my own schedule, but sadly, it will probably never happen. Even when I do start publishing my work, it’s very hard to make a profit based on what my monthly expenses are, but I’m going to keep trying in hopes that one day, my passion can be my full-time job 🥰

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  7. I enjoy writing, finding inspiration in all things as well as reading.
    I think a true vacation for me would to just be able to observe and write about what I see when I see it 😉

    I have had to plan a few posts when I had to be away. But mostly I write to prompts or my own imaginings. Most of my posts are brief. But I enjoy reading longer well thought out posts too.

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  8. I’m the organised plan and write in advance type, I stick to timetables and schedules.

    I was about to comment that I always give myself scheduled time off from blogging. Then I realised that I take photographs almost daily (they could be useful) and in my personal journal I have notes for future ideas that are regularly jotted down. So, you are right, the public self might be taking time away but the blogging brain never stops ticking over!

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  9. As a “writer” I am always thinking about and listening for those magical lines that inspire… if I am not inspired by words my emotions often direct what I write. There are few days I don’t write something, just not always for my blog.

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  10. So true. I think writing is my best medium and comes the most naturally to me. I agree with the whole writing prompt schedule idea. Those prompts are great for helping you to improve your writing skills. Plus, it helps the reader get a chance to know you more personally and it gives you an opportunity to talk about fresh ideas.

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