Questions over decaf tea with Rory


Are you more socially or community-minded regarding people, or do you not think there is a difference between the two?

I’m not very community-minded, I am sorry to say. Though I am socially- minded/ conscious.

A community minded person works actively for the community, while a socially minded person would be more into social activities. ( That’s what I think )


On a scale of 1 – 10, how ethically minded do you think you are?
What behaviour do you consider to be ethical?

I’d rate myself quite high ethically, perhaps 9 or 10. I feel telling the truth at all times is ethical, being fair to everyone is ethical and speaking up in the face of injustice is ethical.


Tattoos are a very personal lifestyle choice by those who have their bodies inked. So – Do you think tattoos make people more confident or less?

I think it’s a personal choice and has little to do with the confidence level of a person.

Do tattoos look good on everyone?
[If you are inked, have you ever regretted any of your tattoos?]

Again it’s a personal preference. Some people do look good with a tattoo! I never ever thought of getting one.


What enrichment do you personally receive from being social?

Being social makes me feel better because it connects me to people who I consider my friends. It helps me share things with them, go out for a meal or shopping trip or perhaps get together and talk our hearts out.

Have you become noticeably more socially isolated or socially interactive after the pandemic and the lockdowns? There may be no difference in your social behaviour; if this is the case, let me know below.

Initially like everyone else, we all were isolated and the only contact was via a phone call. Now things are much better so we meet other people socially, frequently.


What would be your top sustainability tip?

Take care of things you need to do today and stop worrying about tomorrow.

For our home planet, save, conserve and care about the coming generations.


We live in a world that treats being open and vulnerable as a taboo and something to be frowned upon, so –

Do you find it easy or hard to talk to your friends and family about your health?

Oh yes I find it very easy to talk about my health with my family and friends. And would also listen to their health issues and advice them accordingly, with my medical background. I even share my medical issues here on my blog. People were very kind and responded positively.


What will you be doing this weekend?

Attending a wedding, organizing my daughter’s stuff as she has moved back, and spending time with family.


As the writer and author of your blog, how connected do you feel to your audience?

Over the last 4 years I’ve developed connections with my blogging friends. They are like family now. Despite my faulty memory, I now know their names, and people behind those names. So I feel quite well connected to them.

Does your blog reveal too much, too little or just the right balance of you to your readers?

I think I share a lot of myself on my blog. There are certain things I don’t share here but overall, I think I maintain a balance.


If you were granted a day at being one of your favourite book characters, who would you choose to be and why?

Someone who is clever and has a few adventures. I liked the lead character from one of Georgette Heyers book, “Grand Sophy” I would like to be like her for a day or maybe for ever. She was one brave and fearless woman.


What do you believe is the greatest threat to our planet today?

Stupid humans!

People who are being thoughtless and greedy without any thought of what the consequences of their actions will be.

Thank you Rory for these interesting questions



35 thoughts on “Questions over decaf tea with Rory

    1. We don’t need to ask others if we are community or socially minded, we know ourselves which is what Marilyn was curious about.

      You are more socially attuned Sadje for example than l am, l am more community minded. I am not the socialite that you are – l prefer to do things for a broader audience over that of an intimate readership if writing and a broader populace if say volunteering as in it is not the few that benefit but the many.

      Interesting answers 🙂

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        1. Your confidence has grown wonderfully here alone Sadje from the time that you first started to blog.

          My confidence with people is fine in small numbers, but my enthusiasm for social connectivity with lots of people at once has lowered in the last few years alone. This has shown me especially that l am more community governed that socially oriented so l have decided to not fight that and just allow it to flow naturally 🙂

          Why fight who we are?

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    1. I think community minded people work more for the community betterment, while socially active people are more into meeting people and having a meaningful relationship with their friends and neighbors

      Liked by 1 person

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