A Eureka moment!

Imagine your just about to nod off to sleep when an idea strikes your brain and you feel that you just need to write it down at that very moment. It seems like it is your eureka moment

Most of these fine, brilliant ideas I get just before dozing off are lost in the sleep ridden mind and next day even when I try to recall it, I get nothing.

Why not write them down when you get the thought?

Because I’m 100% sure I’ll remember them in the morning. Or after the shower, or after I’ve finished whatever I’m doing at that particular moment.

So does that means that the idea never returns after I’ve lost it to the haze that’s swirling in my mind? Not always so. Sometimes I do get it back or even a better version of it, and sometimes they are just gone.

Yet I’m always hopeful of getting brilliant ideas when I least expect them. Perhaps, I should start carrying a notepad like those old-fashioned reporter in my pocket?



66 thoughts on “A Eureka moment!

  1. I used to get up more often and write things down. Many times they were lesson plans, and I’d be up half the night perfecting them. They were always very successful with the kids. Probably because I had so much passion for them. Now I dream some very vivid dreams, but usually, they are not worth writing down. I’ve told some of them to my husband, and they almost seem like movies when I’m dreaming them. They never come out so well in the retelling. 🙂

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  2. Sadje, this is so true. I get these thoughts in my head but think, I don’t need to write it down. Wrong, so wrong 😦 Most times I do not recall, and the thought is gone forever, lol

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  3. Oh yes!!! Been there, done that, so many times I’ve lost count. An idea for a music post, or something brilliant to write about … no need to turn the light on to jot a note into my phone, for it is such a brilliant idea that I will surely remember it upon waking …. NOT. 🙄

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  4. I always right things down, the issue with doing that when I’m tired is it often makes me wide awake and then I have problems getting back to sleep

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  5. Pen and paper at hand…or at the very least dictating into my phone when I’m unable to safely write things down (like when driving). I even have a water resistant notepad I carry with me in my kayak! 💞💞💞

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      1. Many years ago I worked in the kitchen at a nursing home. Many of my poems were written on paper towel in between washing dishes, lol. Just gotta get the words down when they come 💞 (maybe I should keep one of the water resistant notepads in the shower? Hmmmm…..

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  6. Interesting, Sadje. These wonderful, brilliant ideas come to all of us a some point or another. I’m at that stage now where I must make a note somewhere or I will definitely forget. The best time for me is very early morning when I wake up with an idea and I just start writing like a run-away train. I’m sure you know the feeling!

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  7. Loved this, Sadje! I have the same issue. I often force myself out of bed but often enough I don’t.
    What I have done that has saved quite a few of these “gifts before sleeping” from my Muse is to use the vocal recorder on my iphone and record it there. This has been a life saver because I have suffered with losing something good because it came to me at 1 a.m. Hope this may help???

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  8. I always have pen and paper or the note pad on my phone handy to quickly make note of ideas or words that hit me out of the blue, because otherwise I rarely remember no matter how hard I try.

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