The interview

Nervous tension felt like that her insides were tied in a tight knot, not letting her system to exist in peace.

She was constantly talking to herself in her head, telling herself to relax, it was just another interview and she had prepared as much as she could and that tension wouldn’t help at all.

The fact was that she needed a change desperately and this job seemed like the perfect fit for her, both regarding her qualifications and her requirements.

When her name was announced, she stepped into the room and saw that the interview panel consisted of three people, who looked professional and not as scary as she had imagined.

Stepping out of the room, she took a deep breath, releasing all the tension in her body, and untying the knots in her gut and muscles. They’d inform her of the result of the interview, but she had a feeling that she was going to get this job!


Written for Six Sentence Story- Knot, hosted by Denise



58 thoughts on “The interview

  1. When you get a job you enjoy it isn’t work anymore 🙂

    I read a headline that a young woman was told she got a job, but it wasn’t there when she ‘arrived’ – must have been an out of state or country. That had to be a difficult time.

    Interviews and job applications have changed. So much is electronic these days.

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