Wishing for wishes

A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep” ~ Walt Disney 

This week, the Weekend Challenge from Sue W and GC is the word WISH. 

I am re-sharing a post written in March 2020, in response to;

MLMM- Sunday Mix- Make a Wish



I found an old lamp

Not in the cave of wonder

But in the pile of junk by the road

The genie appeared ruffled and distraught

Instead of cooperation, I was offered disinterest

Reluctantly he offered to fulfill my three wishes

But no more he said, this would be his last stint

No more he said, I am fed up with the greed of the people

Always money and power, huge houses and cars

Why not ask for something that benefits humanity

That is good for many not just one selfish person

I had a brilliant idea, I told him

I want good health for all that are living

I was granted my wish but the world population exploded

For no one died as there was no illness anymore

I had to reverse my wish with great sadness

And wished him free with my last wish

This is a tricky game he told me

It’s better not to mess with the scheme of things




40 thoughts on “Wishing for wishes

      1. Interesting though in many Sci fi shows where different spieces get along (even robots) – so many human attributes seem to take hold, some good others not so good.

        I do like the idea of karma though… being aware of how our own actions might return to us might keep some of us ‘in balance’? 🙂

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