WDYS # 164 -A Roundup post

The wonders of nature

Make us wonder about them

A doorway in the ocean inviting

Or is it perhaps a dragon hiding

We see what we think we see

And our imagination does the rest!


Great entries this week in response to this image. Please click on the links to read the contributions of our lovely participants.

David; The courage or the patience

Brenda; Nessie goes on holiday

Maria; Down the memory lane

Destiny; Portals across time

Keith; Holey moley

Dawn; Escape

Reena; Deceptive

Angela; What do you see

Eugenia; Secret tomorrows

Susi; When the giants roamed

Grace; Impactful crash

Tessa; What do you see # 164

Cheryl; Preserved

Cindy; In comments

Di; Home territory

Mich; Bluest blue

Suzette; Rebirth- Haiku

Jude; Lover’s creed

Ken; Turbulent invitation into the unknown

Sangeetha; I was there

Brandon; Summer

Jules; Speaking in sentences

Audrine; Lessons and unfathomable events

Kunjal; Towards my goal

Nancy; Swept away

Indira; Fight or flight

Yinglan; Cliffhanger

Punam; Heart made fast

Nope, not Pam; Friday snippets

Dest1819; The doorway to Bee’s new life

Jane; Shore

Kittyverses; Timelessness

I am grateful to all those who have read, shared and commented on these posts.

I will be posting next week’s challenge on Monday at 12:00 pm, PKT.

Thanks for reading.




45 thoughts on “WDYS # 164 -A Roundup post

  1. …”We’ve known since the 1970s that the brain can “fill in” inaudible sections of speech, but understanding how it achieves this phenomenon – termed perceptual restoration – has been difficult.” ~Our brains use imagination and perceptual restoration to fill in the blanks 🙂

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