Oh no, not again!

It was early in the morning, just after the crack of dawn, when I heard the insistent knocking at my door and I immediately knew that the water connection of my next-door neighbor was on the blink again.

This was becoming a constant source of irritation for me. If she would just invest a few dollars and get it fixed, she wouldn’t have to worry me early morning every other day.

She would knock on my door, asking if she could use the bathroom, perhaps take a quick shower or maybe just use it to get cleaned up for her office.

I promised myself that in the evening I’d call on her and ask nicely to get her water issues resolved. I also needed my sleep and privacy. And if she thought that by these tactics she was going to make me notice her, she was mistaken.


Written in response to FSS # 76, hosted by Fandango



56 thoughts on “Oh no, not again!

  1. Do you really think that it was an attempt to get noticed? On the one hand I can’t believe I’m even asking that. My significant other reminds me constantly to assume positive intent. Should have looked up how to fix it, made her buy parts, fixed it and told her to leave you the hell alone 😂

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  2. For a second I thought it’s real and felt bad that you have such a neighbor. Only the last part, gave me the hint that it’s a story. You have a realistic way of thinking and picturing with your words.

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  3. I was helping my elder neighbor for a while. And instead of making things convient for me, he always wanted things done on his terms. I had to put a stop to that. One or two errands a week was enough. He had to give up his car (thankfully) but… you can’t become a nusaince or no one will want to help.

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          1. I was just reading an article about a gent who at 100 was still pumping weights in the gym – I think he may, as they say still have a few of his good marbles. A good working brain! 🙂

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  4. I think you had a few people fooled by this post! It did sound real – so glad it wasn’t. I’ve been lucky, never had neighbors like that, but had some acquaintances that dropped in at lunchtime every day when we both moved to go to school in Colorado. I forget what we did about it – I think we managed to be gone at lunch for a while and it stopped.

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