Questions and Answers over coffee- December- 17’ 22

What actions do you take if you can’t sleep naturally?

I read books, or blog. If that doesn’t work, I get up and walk for some time. If that doesn’t work then I take a hot shower. That usually does the trick.

Can you easily recognise if you are suffering from stress, and if so, what do you do to reduce it? Are you able to see signs of stress in your friends or your family more than you?

I start getting a headache, and the back of my neck starts to hurt and stiffen up. My heartbeat also goes up. I talk to myself about the cause of the stress. If I can do something constructive about it, I do it. Otherwise, I tell myself that getting worked up about it is futile and try to divert my mind by doing something else.

The signs of stress in close family or friends are usually visible if we look carefully. Stress can be visible as anger in most cases.

The West holds firm concerning the war in Ukraine. However, how do you feel about it all now? Do you believe we are providing too much or too little support?

I cannot comment on this as I’m not very cognizant of the details of why America has not stepped into this conflict. I’m so sorry that the world is watching while Russia is doing what it likes in Ukraine.

How much black-and-white honesty from your best friends do you believe your friendship with them warrants? Should friends be brutally honest with you or provide support without question?

Inspired by Should Friends Offer Honesty or Unconditional Support?

I think the balance lies somewhere in the middle. Brutal honesty is only acceptable and warranted in dire circumstances. Otherwise, some gentle probing and giving loving support is often what we need.

Do you think you have an addictive personality?

Oh yes, I have. I get addicted to games easily. That’s why I avoid testing out new games. I am now addicted to blogging but I don’t mind that. In fact, it helps me stay focused, keeps me from being bored, keeps me connected to so many friends, and has helped me gain a lot of knowledge about things that I hadn’t had before.

Why are so many of today’s online/television advertisements so cringey? Are you ever influenced by the comedy or corniness of them?

I hate most ads. Especially the ones in Pakistan. For one, it’s hard to tell what they are selling/ advertising, and for another, they are quite stupid.

Do you ever need help responding to some comments left by readers on your blog posts, as in not knowing how or what to respond with? Why is this, and what usually throws you off?

Very rarely do I need to read previous comments so that I know how to respond. The reason is that the writing is a bit ambiguous and the meaning of that piece of writing is not clear to me.

What five vegetables do you use the most each week or month?

Potatoes, onions, peas, eggplant, and tomatoes. We use onions and tomatoes in most of the dishes we cook. The rest are my favorites.

What is the most outrageous thing you have ever done?

Recently, I got stomach sleeve surgery done in a bid to cure diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. Also it’s helping me lose weight. It was something that I had to convince all my family that I needed to do.

Have your blog reading habits changed since you first started to blog? 

Have you ever felt frustrated from reading blog posts because they are perhaps not piquing your interest? 
What have you done to prevent the boredom from biting deep if this is the case?

Inspired by bloggers

From the day I started following people on WP, I’ve made it a habit to read their posts and comment on them. Recently, I have stopped commenting on all the posts by every blogger. If I don’t find something interesting to say, I just hit the like button.

Do you find it easy to make difficult decisions, and do you have a process of elimination for making those tough decisions?

I think I’ve mentioned this before, I make snap decisions. But I’ve made a pact with myself, not to regret ( too much ) these decisions. No use crying over spilled milk.

What’s the longest you have gone without a shower?

A day! And only when I’m I’ll or had surgery. Even when the doctor says not to take a shower, I still find a way to take a shower of sorts.

Between the choice of a deep fried insect sandwich or a raw earthworm hamburger with no option of declining either, which would you choose?

Inspired by a conversation at the Nature Reserve

Fried insect sandwich. Though there will be no guarantee that it’ll stay down.

How would your family and friends react if you started to talk to another person one day that no one else could see but you? Do you speak to yourself regularly?

Inspired by the film – Just Like Heaven

I often talk to myself and my family and friends would think that that’s what is going on. If I continue to do it for days, they may take me to a psychiatrist or psychologist!

How far can you be pushed before annoyance becomes full-blown anger and what is your anger style?

I need to be pushed a lot before I explode. My explosions are quite subdued but with a touch of acid rain.

In response to Question time with Rory



55 thoughts on “Questions and Answers over coffee- December- 17’ 22

  1. Hey Sadje, some interesting and provocative answers – nicely done.

    Haha your family would worry early l am guessing in the case of talking to yourself. i do it with a tempo of regularity to the point at times l never need to worry about being social 🙂

    Fried insects is indeed the best option and you might be surprised of keeping it down, l think if l had the choice l would pick the same, the mental imagery of swallowing an earthworm burger or not makes me want to heave.

    Thanks for taking part 🙂

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  2. Oh man, the shower question. I shower twice a day, every day and I had a hospital stay a couple years ago where I had surgery and could not shower because I had a drainage tube in my chest. I couldn’t shower for three days. Drove me more crazy than the pain of the surgery.

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  3. America cannot solve all the problems in this world, and we have to try and get along with Russia and China because they are world powers. Nobody in the US likes this war, but we don’t want it to escalate any further, so we are sitting on the sidelines and waiting to see what happens and this might not be the right strategy. We have our own problems, but we realize that we can’t let Putin take whatever he wants. I think that you are a wonderful commenter, Sadje.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jim for your kind words. I understand that America cannot openly get involved in this war. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t supplying ammunition and support in the dark too Ukraine

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  4. I could think this as something FAQ. A mix of awesome questions and answers. With Ukraine’s war with Russia, actually nothing can be done apart from taming Russia. This can be done by mediation to stop bloodshed. We hear that Russia doesn’t want NATO expanding eastwards. If this is what causes instability, then stopping expansion will help.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Peter. It’s a complicated situation and it’s not just one issue that has started this war. I just hope that the people of the world, specially the world powers wake up to the injustice of this war, or any war which is happening by a powerful country invading a small country. The Afghan war, war in Syria, war in Iraq all were unjustified.


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