Holiday cooking and special food

December 14: Food: Delicious Delights

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We celebrate two Eids in one Islamic year. And like any other faith, our festivals also have a strong connection to food, family gathering together for a meal, and cooking traditional recipes with love.

Our traditional dishes on Eid-Uk-Fitr are sweet vermicelli cooked in milk with almonds, pistachios, and cardamoms added to it. It is usually served as breakfast.

Festive season is a wonderful opportunity to connect with people from other countries and cultures. Food is a great unifying element. Invite friends and acquaintances belonging to all kinds of cultures for a meal. It will be a learning experience for everyone.

What is the best part of a festival?

Everyone gathered around a table

Food prepared with love, served generously

Camaraderie and laughter will brighten it

Making the meal a source of beautiful memories


Do you bake or cook Christmas gifts for friends and family? Do you fix a special recipe for the holiday meal? Do you have a favorite treat you enjoy during the holidays?

Written in response to: WQW 48: Delicious Holiday Delights, hosted by Marsha



36 thoughts on “Holiday cooking and special food

  1. You are so right, Sadje. No matter what the culture, food is a huge part of it. If you eat with someone, they become your friend. Thank you for sharing a little about your culture and recipe. It sounds delicious. I’m going to check it out. 🙂

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