Getting geared up for 2023

Anyway, it’s just two more weeks to go till the end of 2022, and it’s now the right time to ask this question; Do you make plans/ resolutions for the new year?

I gave up this futile exercise years ago, at least 20. I could never follow through on my resolutions and always felt that sense of disappointment when by the time January ended, I had completely lost track of them.

So I decided not to put myself through this torture again and for the last several years, I have had short-term goals. Though these were seldom fulfilled, I didn’t suffer that sense of failure if I didn’t meet them. I’d then make more short-term goals for myself.

See it’s a clever way of disappointing oneself. Anyway, what is your modus operandi?

Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “start your post or one paragraph with the word ‘anyway.’” Bonus points if you start your post with “anyway” and regular points if you use it in a paragraph somewhere else in your post. Enjoy!

Written in response to Linda’s SoCS- Anyway



54 thoughts on “Getting geared up for 2023

  1. Sadje anyway, I agree with trying to keep New Year’s resolutions. I stopped that about 10 years ago and my motto is, ” I can only be a better person than I was last year.” My cousin Bill posted this on his Facebook page. On December 31st, write on post it notes write what you would like to accomplish for the year that is about to begin. Place them in a jar and do not look at them until the following New Year’s Eve. Anyway, I am very curious to see how this year panned out.

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  2. It was a fun thing to do when I was a kid, but we never even meant to keep them, so we’d make up lots of silly things. 🙂 I never did any serious resolutions. I knew I wouldn’t do them anyway.

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  3. After family visiting over the holidays and a planned game night on New Year’s Eve, my only plan is to breathe and relax for a few days. After that, I put my bike on a trainer and get back to some weight training so that I don’t fall into the winter doldrums. Not a resolution, but simply what I need for physical and emotional health.

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  4. I like to set intentions…but not concrete ones, if that makes sense. That way I don’t look back at the year and wonder where it all went, and have nothing but existing to show for it. 💞

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