Vaulted ceiling, glittering

The vaulted ceiling of sheesh ( mirrored) mahal in Lahore fort

The lights were reflecting in the high vaulted ceiling of the old building, each refracted at a different angle and it glittered like the jewels it was meant to depict.

We were visiting an ancient historical palace in our beloved city of Lahore, the palace was in a fort built by the Mogul emperor Akbar in mid 16th century, with our daughters and their children.

The guide had his cell phone in his hand and he held it over his head, the torch of the phone generating so much light as it hit and reflected from the tiny mirror fragments arranged at angles.

He told us that this place was lit by candles and oil lamps in olden times, which had the same effect as his tiny phone torch had, a magnifying of light reflected so many times, and the kings sat there and enjoyed the evening entertainment, probably ladies dancing to amuse them!

Even though we think ourselves so much advanced technologically, we haven’t created anything so marvelous in these times.

With gratitude, we saw this marvel of ancient architecture and the fact that it remains in good repair despite so many centuries that have passed since its construction.


Written in response to Six Sentence Story- Vault, hosted by Denise



58 thoughts on “Vaulted ceiling, glittering

  1. Such amazing architecture is so inspiring too, unlike the modern variety as you say. I’m so glad this palace of Akbar the Great has been preserved so well. His reign left the world an example of what an enlightened ruler could achieve, especially his policy of religious liberty. Wonder what those parties under the reflecting lights of sheesh malore must have been like! 🙂

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  2. Amazingly beautiful, Sadje. I agree with you about ancient architecture. I recently watched a show on Netflix called The Gift, which is a Turkish show, it’s amazing by the way, and the ancient architecture in the show was stunning.

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