Making the best of the worst

RXC; It is a theme prompt. The lines to ponder on are

The best and the worst

It’s time…

for the bubble to burst


Life is both good and bad

The best and worst in tandem

Not always a fairytale

Not a Shakespearean tragedy

Ups and downs vying with each other

Happiness and joy can be the flavor of the day

Sadness and disappointment for another

No one can avoid the rigors of emotions

The bubble bursts so early in life!

Written in response to; RXC Prompt #261, hosted by Reena



75 thoughts on “Making the best of the worst

  1. I think that once an adult retires they can fall back into a little bit of innocence of childhood –
    though rules may change and our bodies age – there are some advantages to being older and being able to remember joy and to promote and share joy presently 😀 💕

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