Written Candle Wishes- My contribution

I am writing this poem in response to a brilliant idea by Joyce Jacobo

The idea is to send good wishes and healing thoughts to those who need them all over the world in form of words.


A year is ending

New beginnings on the horizon

A season of joy is upon us

A season of good will and kindness

Sending healing thoughts and prayers

To all those who need them right now

May happiness and joy be you everlasting companions

May sorrow and unhappiness be far away for ever

I hope that we all open our hearts with kindness

And spread love to everyone, near and far

The light of love and goodwill fanning out to all corners of the world

May we all join hands as one people, as one nation

Nation of planet earth, joined to each other with love



I’m linking this poem to dVerse prompt by Sarah, bringing light into the darkness


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