Sharing my world- 12th December’22

Di is our gracious host for SYW

Here are this week’s questions:

1• As a kid, did you have roller skates, a go-kart or a push bike?

I and my younger brother shared a two-wheeler bike. Both of us learned to ride it without training wheels, with skinned knees and hands. I fell in love with biking and would ride one whenever I found a reliable one.

2• Also, did you belong to a gang or just hang out with your friends?

No gangs in the early years. I was an only sister with three brothers. So I would give myself my own company. Friends were only available in school and we didn’t have a neighborhood where there were lots of kids.

When I was in med school, we did have a gang of girls, always giggling and enjoying life. That friendship has lasted till now. Even now we laugh a lot when we get together or talk on the phone.

3• What is the best present, birthday or otherwise, you can remember as a child?

I think the best present that I remember from my childhood was a doll that my father brought back from America when he had gone to Harvard for a master’s degree in public administration. I kept that doll for a long time.

4• If a friend stayed over, did you have a midnight feast or did you go to bed and sleep ?

We never had friends staying over at night. In fact visiting each other’s houses was an infrequent occurrence for us.

Recently ( about 12 years ago) I went to Karachi to visit my friends ( from med school) and we did stay up most of the night recalling our past adventures and laughing at them. It was a memorable visit.

My memorable visit to Karachi. Port grand.


What gives your day a kick start?

I usually get up excited to start my day. Before the recent surgeries, I would allow myself a cup of real coffee but now my tolerance has gone down for caffeine so I make myself a weak cup of tea!

My attempt to capture the moon in end November

Thanks Di for hosting SYW



52 thoughts on “Sharing my world- 12th December’22

  1. I too skinned my knees and hands while learning to ride a bike. The bike chain broke and we couldn’t pedal it so my brothers and I would push each other down a slight incline to learn to balance. It worked but our mom wasn’t too happy with our cuts and bruises 😁

    You all look so lovely in the photo and nice attempt at taking a photo of the moon.

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