No other candy but chocolate

Of all the sweets in a candy store

Be sure I’ll always pick the chocolate

Be it coated in chocolate, or chocolate at its center

No other candy is worth the calories unless

It is chocolate, dark or milk but certainly not white


Word count: 44

A quadrille written in response to Mish’s prompt- Candy, for dVerse



97 thoughts on “No other candy but chocolate

  1. ‘Tis the season for chocolates, recipes with chocolate, hot chocolate…everything chocolate. Not fussy on real dark chocolate though. There is a fine line between eating the right amount and still feeling okay…and then having just one more bite and then wishing……..”why did I eat so much of this?”

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  2. Oh im the same with chocolate, and I don’t like white chocolate either. I love chocolate with nuts and caramel most, like Mars and Snickers

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