What works in writing

Thank you Tanya for this week’s quote.


The only truly universal writing advice is ‘If it works, it works.’”


Opinion about writing is so diverse and varied that not one single piece of writing can be considered an absolute criterion.

If I consider this quote as regards writing a book/ novel/ story, one writer’s formula doesn’t work for everyone. The same is true for Blogging. While one blogger may write successfully and gain readership, another might not be equally successful following their example.

So, is this useful advice to those aspiring to make it big; I think not. People will have to discover what works for them and what doesn’t. It can be taken as a statement of fact that what works, works. A truism, but not a guideline.

On the flip side, the reverse can be considered as advice; What doesn’t works, don’t waste time on it. Some people do keep on doing things the same way and repeatedly fail, never realizing that they need to change their way of doing things.


Written in response to; Blogging Insights – NF # 64 : Writing Advice, hosted by Tanya



53 thoughts on “What works in writing

  1. In my professional career, I was held to strict parameters of grammar, style and objectivity in my writing.
    As a retiree taking up blogging, I have thoroughly enjoyed doing my own thing and breaking all the rules along the way!

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  2. Dance your own dance, sing your own song, write your own story….let your heart and experiences guide where you go. The opportunities are endless, and your voice may be the one someone has been waiting a lifetime to connect with! 💞💞💞

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