Frozen landscapes/ snow

December 7: Element Water: Snow/Winter Wonderland 


I live in a country where most of the country doesn’t receive snowfall. Only the mountains in the north and Baluchistan regions get snowfall. So it’s a rarity for us. This snowfall was in 2019, February.

The snow falling gently

Covers everything in a white blanket

There’s a hush in the air, silence reigns

As if everything is in anticipation

Of something miraculous happening

Every fragile snowflake

Teaches us a lesson

There’s strength in unity

And something as soft as snow

Can be formidable when joined

Snow stops the aging of trees and fruits

A hibernation of all the vegetation till spring

Teaching us that there’s still hope in adversity

That spring and rebirth follows winter and death

Enjoying snow in the hill resort of Bhurbun


Written for;WQW 47: Water Turned into a Winter Wonderland, hosted by Marsha



75 thoughts on “Frozen landscapes/ snow

  1. My ‘north’ gets four seasons. But snow not so much. In all the time I’ve lived here we have had two or three blizards. The ice mix we were supposed to get – we got some ice in the night but it is rain now. We aren’t getting heavy snow, though we might get some snow for a couple of hours but then just more rain. So we probably will be able to go about our activities and plans. Just to be safe though some areas did close schools though more just had a two hour delay today.

    California has several climates too. I have relatives who live where it is warm. But if they want snow they can drive north. 🙂 Stay warm and safe.

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