Spa day

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For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a woman’s hands holding a mason jar labeled “bath salts” and she seems to be either screwing or unscrewing the top of the jar. On the surface of the table is a weaved basket with some dried flowers in it, a roll of twine, and a few other items.


Sally worked in a high-end salon. She was a good worker and her clients were happy with her work. The owner of the salon promised her a free spa day when she was nominated three months in a row as the employee of the month.

With great excitement and anticipation, she looked forward to that magical day when she would be the one being waited upon instead of the others around.

After getting a massage an aromatic bath was prepared for her where flower petals were floating in the water. It felt heavenly to soak in it.

But suddenly, the owner of the salon barged in and swinging her cell phone like a baton to the music of a marching band, ordered Sally out of the bath as a very good friend of hers was waiting for her massage and spa appointment.

Sally was very upset at this unceremonious dismissal of her reward time. She decided there and then to resign from her job. She was sure she could find another job quickly and likely a better one!


baton | anticipation | magic | marching | float

Written in response to FFFC # 196, hosted by Fandango

Also included Greg’s 5 words weekly





65 thoughts on “Spa day

  1. What? How can the owner of the spa treat Sally like that, she was toying with her all along. I feel bad for Sally, I would be very heart broken too, imagine she was already excited to get a free spa treat.

    This was a lesson and I too would quit that job and find a better one. I can’t believe this😥

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  2. Poor Sally, but good for her too! I learned all too fast in life that if you don’t like a job that you’re working or don’t get the respect you deserve, leave. You can always find something else that is better. Thank you so much for sharing your writing ❤️

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  3. I once had a boss that treated her part time holiday help better than her regular part timers…
    she was not a good people person. I ended up quiting.

    Your story should be a lesson to all bosses to be respectul of the rewards they gift.

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