Edict of a dictator

We have a tiny little dictator in our family

Issuing her edicts with impunity of a child

Be quiet she says when the call for prayers sounds

Don’t use the phone when anyone picks up their’s

Don’t talk when I am talking she insists

Look at me, play with me when I demand

She’s just three and a half now, I often wonder

What she’ll be like when older?

Our little granddaughter, our tiny dictator!


Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “dict.” Find a word that contains “dict” and use it in your post. Have fun!

Written for Linda’s SoCS- Dict



54 thoughts on “Edict of a dictator

  1. Hmmm! Children learn from imitation they say, and they have to be carefully taught – I think there are some songs on this??? There is a really great book to correct this in a hurry that I loved and it worked, it’s a classic – Dare to Discipline

    I read the original in the 70’s.

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