Decision making is a Herculean task

This week’s Wednesday challenge here on partner Susan and my site is HERCULEAN.

I am re-Sharing a post from 2019, written in response to Sue Vincent’s WritePhoto prompt, Decisions.

Arriving at a decision that is acceptable for all parties concerned is indeed a Herculean task. It needs not only understanding but patience too.

The journey took too long

The road was bumpy and difficult 

They thought that they would overcome 

All the hurdles fate threw at them on this voyage 

But when it came to the decision on which path to take

It tore their relationship apart for they couldn’t agree

Whether to take the road to the eternal bliss going through 

The forest of thorny obstacles and stumbling roadblocks of life

Or to cruise along the insipid flat lands of uneventful routine existence


Written in response to;Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge -Herculean, hosted by Sue W and GC



32 thoughts on “Decision making is a Herculean task

  1. Tragically moving. Touches on that deep dread that hits when we have what we believe to be fundamental disagreement. Pure dread of major loss. Well done.

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