2020- A year, a gift that kept on giving

This weeks prompt is;


Started quite innocently

No one ever dreamt of what it’ll bring

The pandemic caught us in its snare completely

The struggle was tough for so many families

Death and sickness very hard to deal with specially as we were ill-prepared

But the saga continues in ‘21 and ‘22 ………..

The disease waxing and waning sometimes we won, sometimes Covid won

Not content with disease, fate added a war to the mix

Unemployment, rising inflation have us by our throats

Now we are reaching the end of 2022 and a small hope is kindled

May be the new year will bring some tidings of joy, something to celebrate

This hope need lots of prayers and faith to make it a reality

Wishing you all the best in the new year


Written for; RXC PROMPT #260, hosted by Reena



75 thoughts on “2020- A year, a gift that kept on giving

  1. Lovely composition of what has been a surprisingly terrible time overall for too long now. I think we have a way of squashing this reality for as long as we can hang on, but it’s good to reflect. Hoping with you, and appreciate the good wishes

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  2. I’ve had three covid ‘shots’ the last one being a ‘booster’. My hubby thinks Covid ‘shots’ will be like flu shots – yearly. This year I also got a Pneumonia ‘shot’.

    Yes, Yes, and Yes… May the New Year of 2023 bring us into a better light, more understanding, more peace, and more cures. (((Hugs)))!!!

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