July 5th, 1985

This week prompt by Britta Benson

July is hot and humid in Lahore

I was a bundle of nerves, apprehensive

Arranged marriages were the norm

But I hadn’t exchanged more than a few words

With the person with whom I was planning to spend my life

The ceremony went without a hitch

I made a pretty bride according to my family

I was given into the protection of my husband

Blessings of my father and brothers accompanied me

It was a new start, induction into a new family

How lucky I turned out to be on that day

Not only a kind, loving husband but I hit the bumper prize

A mother in law who was kinder than anyone I knew

A father in law who was a remarkable teacher to me

On that hot day in July

I started a journey that would be the rest of my life


Written for; W3 Prompt #32: Wea’ve Written Weekly, hosted by David



115 thoughts on “July 5th, 1985

    1. Very true. But surprisingly some of my non-Asian friends also agree that it’s not an altogether bad option. Marriages fail and succeed in both types of relationships, arranged or love. I think it’s the effort we put in a relationship that determines it’s fate.

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  1. Very beautiful piece. A lot of orthodox and chasidic Jewish weddings are arranged. I had the opportunity to go to two of these weddings, and though it wasn’t for me, it was really cool to see that part of my culture and heritage. I’m not all too religious, but I keep the important holidays and work at a synagogue. Thank you for sharing this side of arranged marriage 😊

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    1. Thanks a lot S! In those days, making your own choice was frowned upon. So most of the marriages were arranged by parents. Now things are different. Two out of my three kids chose their own partners. I was very lucky to have been married to my husband! We suit perfectly

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  2. Sounds like it worked out very well for you, Sadje. I listened to a great podcast recently that touched on the history of marriage and how purposes and expectations for the arrangement have changed over the years, especially in western cultures. It came as a surprise to learn that love is a relatively new concept in marriage.

    I’ve included the link to the podcast here.

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  3. What a beautiful poem!!! I would not like someone to arrange my marriage, my future, but the poem is beautiful and the person was ever so lucky! Most marriages, whether arranged, out of necessity, or for love, don’t turn out that well!

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    1. Thanks Jill. I was very lucky indeed. But then arranged marriages were the norm rather than exception at that time. It’s a cultural thing and now slowly people are stepping out of it.

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  4. i love how you painted and built up the bride’s character and life to be. you made it for us readers to easily relate to the character. great entry, Sadje. 😊❤️😄

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  5. How wonderful for you! Later that month and year I gave birth to my second child – two weeks earlier than the due date.

    I did not have an arranged marriage. But I too am lucky to have married a wonderful man and into a lovely family. 🥰

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