Blogging- A way to reach people


” What I’m really concerned about is reaching one person.”

— Jorge Luis Borges


If we consider bloggers as writers, we can safely assume that the goal of a blogger is the same as a writer; To have their writing read!

When we write/ blog on a public platform, the aim is that people should read and benefit from our writing. It could entertain people or educate them. So it would be amazing if more people read our posts. But if only one person, the one who needed to read what we wrote, read our post then the purpose of writing is very much validated.

When more than one person reads my posts and comments on them, I feel that I am reaching out across the world to people who I probably would never meet in person ( except by a chance) and connecting with them. This is an amazing feeling and empowering too. The power of written words is immense and no one can foretell the impact it may have.

A few points I’ve learned during my blogging journey regarding the importance of what I write are;

Always stick to the truth, unless you’re writing fiction. Research your topic well and from multiple sources.

Convey a positive message whenever you can. Every situation has both positive and negative aspects, and concentrating only on the negative can have a depressing effect on the reader.

Be meticulous about your writing ( as much as you can) bad grammar and spelling can really distort your message.

Share personal experiences, it allows the reader to connect with you.

These are a few ways to reach out to the readers and connect with them.


Written for Blogging Insights-NF # 63, Reaching out, hosted by Tanya



55 thoughts on “Blogging- A way to reach people

  1. I like your point of view on this Sadje! Your tips are helpful to not only new bloggers but also the ones who have been blogging for years. Thank you.

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  2. Wonderful insights and so very true! This line, “But if only one person, the one who needed to read what we wrote, read our post then the purpose of writing is very much validated.” completely sums up my upcoming Saturday post….I wasn’t sure that it was going to go on the blog, or get tucked into my journal…but if it helps 1 person….
    Love your thoughts and perspective, Sadje! 💞💞💞

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    1. Thanks Dawn for your kind words. Indeed it’s happened to me that the day I needed to read something, someone posted it. So don’t tuck away your words of wisdom and publish them.

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  3. The first person I try to reach out to when I write is myself. My posts are for me to look back on when I’m having a tough time and also act as an archive of my twenties. If my writing can reach one person or connect with someone, that’s already a bonus to me!

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  4. Great advice. I too believe in the power of one. Sometimes we get too caught up in the views, likes, and comments. If one person’s life is impacted in a positive way by your words, then you have served your purpose. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement.

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