Neighbours – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows two houses with matching doors, railings and winter decor.


Two best friends, grew up together, married nearly at the same time and by luck found jobs in their hometown.

On a whim, they decided to find homes near each other. As luck had it, they found houses next to each other and identical too.

At first, things were good. The wives also struck a friendship and would get together to go shopping or for other activities. Peter and Susan were soon expecting a baby but John and his wife, Cindy decided to wait a while before starting a family.

With the arrival of the baby Molly, things started changing. The new parents were often too busy to go out with their neighbors and friends. Gradually the bonds weakened and in a few years, John and Cindy found living next door to their former friends very boring, especially when they never had a child and there weren’t many things they shared with them anymore.

Then one day, John told Peter that they were moving abroad as he had found a very good job opportunity.

Now the next-door, identical house stands empty, waiting for some family to brighten it up.


Written in response to WritePhoto # Neighbors, hosted by KL Caley



38 thoughts on “Identical?

  1. Sad when you fall out of love with your neighbors. Especially when it’s been a really good relationship. But change happens in life and it is natural. The story is so well told.

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