Sunday Poser # 109

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

Looking good; Is it vanity or a requirement?

Man or woman, I think most of us want to look our best, especially on special occasions. Some are more concerned with their looks and presentation than others.

For me personally, looking presentable increases my self-confidence. I am more comfortable in my skin and feel better. Spending time on my self-care, selecting proper clothes, and making an effort to improve my appearance has a mani-fold purpose in my mind;

1• It keeps my morale high. I’m more interested in life and people around me. An occasional compliment raises my spirits and I am more motivated.

2• Bothering about my own appearance can have a beneficial effect on both my physical and mental health. If I am motivated to reduce weight, I will improve my physical and mental health both. It may result in reducing weight related illnesses and give the boost that a person in good health gets.

3• Looking good also gives us joy and increases our vitality.

I should explain that by looking good I mean wearing appropriate clothes, grooming myself, and doing what will be beneficial for me. It doesn’t mean that I’m gearing up to participate in a beauty contest.

What are your thoughts on this topic; Do you make an endeavor to look presentable or are not interested in making the effort at all? Are appearances important to you or not at all?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this one so that I can find it.

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90 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 109

  1. Yes, the point of the high emotional value of self care, is so true. Something positive happens in the mind or in one’s sense of well-being when one attends to grooming etc. Not sure what that “something” 😊 but I don’t think its vanity.

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  2. I try to look attractive most days except for the occasional Sunday when I just blop around in sweats. But my idea of “looking good” does not mean putting on makeup and trying to catch the eye of some man (which was my old definition). It means wearing a nice outfit, usually something with a dash of fun color, some jewelry, and feeling generally put-together. I don’t like to go out in public unless I feel OK about how I look…

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  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic. I agree with you that looking presentable is important, but it is also important to look inside the person. I might not be able to wear makeup due to very sensitive skin (I’ve tried many brands that are made for sensitive skin and have still had adverse reactions to them), but I try to wear nicer clothes to work and interviews. When I casually go out to the barn or with friends, I tent to not care about what I wear. Strangers outside of work don’t matter to me if they judge for what I look like.

    One area that I struggle with is my weight. When I met Shawn in college a little over five years ago, I was 105 pounds and “stunning.” I have since gained 35 pounds and don’t feel as “stunning” anymore. I have recently started eating less (I stress binge eat) and started exercising more to help strengthen my metabolism and tone my body. Hopefully I will keep it up and lose the 20 pounds I would like to lose by May of 2023.

    Thank you so much for reading my ramblings and for your posts. I really do enjoy reading them 😊🥰

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    1. What you are struggling with is a common issue. We do tend to gain weight as we grow older, as much as a pound a year is natural. I totally agree with looking beneath the outward appearance to the person inside. Wearing makeup is an optional thing and many don’t opt to as like you it doesn’t suits them or they don’t care for it. I am sure you’re a beautiful person inside and out. Take care! Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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      1. I totally get that. I know I’ll probably never be 105 pounds again, but I think 120 is more realistic and healthy for my height and age. Thank you so much, Sadje! It’s always a joy to converse with you through the comments! 😃

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          1. Most definitely, and I can definitely eat healthier! My biggest problem is that I like to eat out. We’re trying to cook more now. The only trick is that I can’t cook to save my life, so Shawn cooks while I clean

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  4. I think it used to be important to me when I was younger. Nowadays, as long as I am showered when I go out in public, I generally don’t value getting all coiffed up unless my husband and I are going out on a date.

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  5. I guess it is neither vanity nor a requirement…it is more about caring for self. We are not ascetics, so being good inside and looking good outside is equally important. When I say looking good, I don’t mean tons of make up and expensive clothes…just nicely put together in whatever one is comfortable with.

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  6. I’m in agreement with you Sadje. If we are only driven by what others expect of us, we will never be happy. I want to look good because it means my health is good, and as you said, it’s the boost of self-confidence, to be comfortable in ourselves.

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  7. I’m inclined to make the effort to look presentable BUT only in ways that ring true with me. I don’t follow fashion trends nor do I crave designer labels, so to some people it may appear that I don’t care, even when I make the effort.

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  8. Yes, of course, selfcare is very important as much as breathing. Mindfulness is key to what to dress and look like in each time of the day and to what task or occasion. Not overdoing it but definitely expressing the goodness we have in ourselves in a new level of presentation. That also goes along with being timely and being a good listener. I feel all comes together in one big picture of personality coming alive. Thank you for asking!

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  9. Well said, Sadje.
    Looking good is neither vanity nor a requirement to some of the people I know.
    Personally, taking care of my appearance with appropriate clothes for every occasion, just a light touch of make up and hair care gives me joy and confidence.

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  10. I dress appropriately for work, otherwise I wear what is most comfortable with little regard for how I actually look. Hubby actually left me over this, as he said it was a bad reflection on him.

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  11. I agree with all 3 of your points, and I also want to look good for others. I am single and would like to attract a mate. Since visual/eye contact is usually the first impression, I want that initial contact to be a good one.

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  12. I spent years in the fashion industry always having to look good and impeccably dressed and there were other careers where upon l had to dress smartly. However these days when not gardening, composting or worm farming l am not a frequent socialite so l tend to dress down rather than up. If l go out l dress up or smarten up, but no longer am l dressing to impress, life’s too short to be uncomfortable.

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    1. I think our choices do change as we grow older. Being comfortable becomes more important than looking good, though we can do both too. While going out, I too like to look presentable and do try to dress well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Rory

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