How inflation is effecting my life?

For Friday Faithfuls I would like to know how inflation is affecting your life?


Inflation is a worldwide woe these days. The rise in petroleum prices due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine was the cherry on top of the Covid pandemic-induced inflation.

Over here in Pakistan, prices have at least doubled if not tripled of essential items. Some things have disappeared from the market altogether. The main impact on the economy is the rise in petrol prices and electricity rates. Combined, these two factors are held responsible for the huge increase in prices of groceries, fruits, and vegetables!

Like everyone else in the world, except the ultra-rich, we are tightening the belts. Switching off extra lights, minimal usage of heating or cooling, and no unnecessary driving just for the fun of it, are some of the things I’m doing. I make sure that there is no wastage of food. But in that respect, we are lucky that many deserving people around us can be given this extra food.

I have stopped spending money on stuff like makeup because it’s one thing I’ve learned from the pandemic; I don’t need that many things and also the usage of cosmetics has dropped significantly since 2020!

There was a part of the question where Jim asked ;do we think that the prices will go down when the economy starts getting better; my answer is that this has never happened before so why would it happen now since the governments have so many excuses for this not happening.


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43 thoughts on “How inflation is effecting my life?

  1. I agree with you on this one; I don’t believe prices will fall once our economies recover. I think prices will just stop rising. I also fear it will take time for things to settle down, for inflation to stop rising.

    I agree, there are so many things all contributing to our current economic position … Covid-19, the war in Ukraine, bad harvests, droughts/famines and floods destroying harvests. Plus in the UK we’re also dealing with the fall out of leaving the EU (Brexit) and poor judgement by government. In the UK, I suspect it will be like this still for a few years to come … maybe 2025

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  2. You are such a wise person Sadje, thanks for sharing your views on inflation. I would like to think that prices will drop after the pandemic is over and when Russia stops its invasion of the Ukraine, but like you said governments will always come up with another excuse for keeping the prices high.

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    1. I’ve yet to see a decrease in inflation. Even if they drop petrol prices significantly, nothing else will become cheaper! The price of all daily use items have doubled, including milk, bread, eggs.

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  3. I see it the most at work, a retail pet supply store. We can’t keep up with the continues price hikes from the manufacturers we carry on one side, and have to answer to customers struggling on the other side. My heart breaks for those struggling to do their best for their beloved fur babies. 💞

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        1. Yes, specially in winter! Take care. I hope the government gives you all a big bonus check. We do get raise in pensions when the inflation gets too high.


  4. The prices on the food I like most is doubled now I even miss my lunch most of the time. You see, I could afford to get other things anytime I want them but getting a hold of my plate when I’m broke is even worse 😅.

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    1. I miss seafood. The price has not merely tripled, but it has largely disappeared. Local seafood has mostly disappeared due to overfishing. Even if we could dredge up the money, most of the fish is is coming from places so far away I have NO idea if they were fished for in clean water. I won’t buy fish when I don’t know where it was fished.

      It’s fortunate that we don’t eat the way we used to because we couldn’t possibly afford it. We eat a lot less and we eat a lot less meat and fish only when we know it’s fresh and locally obtained. AND not farmed. But it’s hard. It used to cost around $400/month to feed three of us. Now, it’s at least twice that.

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      1. Oh I can imagine. Over here things aren’t that bad because there are always alternate options/ cheaper options are available. The poor people are hard pressed but they don’t go hungry.

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  5. We face the same inflation issues here in India too, petroleum prices have spiked a lot.
    And yess the pandemic definitely taught us how well we can survive without spending of unnecessary stuff.

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  6. Agree completely, things never go down. We’re fortunate cos hubby qualified for the pension this year, so at least we get some assistance with power bills

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  7. oh the same here, Sadje. we have a store, the capital keeps increasing but the gain remains the same. prices of vegetables had gone up, too. however, the prices of sugar and oil did reduce a little bit. but since, the holidays will be here, they’ll soon gonna be going up again. great write on this one and very timely topic for a prompt.

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  8. There was a time going out to eat was a very nice treat – to a fancy place.
    Now we look for coupons and senior menu items if we go out.
    More pizza, subs, and burger places when there are coupons for two for one deals.

    When I take my car out I try to make a minimum of three stops. Sometimes more in a big loop around to the places that have different things because not all I need is at the same place. I even grocery shop at one place that has a senior discount day!

    Layering up when it is cold is also something we do to. I have noticed that even though we have local farms… that some shelves are less full than others. I try to stock up when I can on things that don’t go bad. And I also go to the day old bakery shelf… I used to use more coupons, but I don’t buy name brands much anymore… the store brands (mostly) equal quality and are less than the brand name with the coupon. 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

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