Tiny Manipulators

Little minds are fast learners

The art of manipulation is easily picked

Parents expect them to behave well

But they need bribes to comply

Children are quick to judge the situation

But a clever parent makes a speedy recovery

By whisking them away from temptation


Tuesday Writing prompt: Use “manipulation, “children, and “recoveryin a poem.



40 thoughts on “Tiny Manipulators

  1. I find for the very young ones, their manipulation is a way to learn to negotiate with others and a way to express their needs….and a parent’s response and guidance can help them shape those early manipulators into functioning adults. Well stated, Sadje! 💞💞💞

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  2. This reminds me of my days as a cashier when parents would give a child a toy to play with in the store but give it back to me (making me the bad guy) saying they couldn’t have it. There definitely is a level of manipulation but who is manipulating who? 😮

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