Writing poetry

I must admit that when I started my blog, I discovered that writing poetry came very naturally to me but there was a hitch!

I cannot rhyme for the life of me or stick to the rules of certain poetic forms, in fact, I even don’t know the names of these forms, except haiku or acrostic poems.

What is a meter of a poem? I haven’t the slightest clue, nor do I know different literary devices or literary techniques.

I love to write out my thoughts in poetic form because I feel using fewer words, I can say what I want to say much more effectively, at least I hope so.

So I do call myself a poet ( of a beginner level) even though none of my poems rhyme, though some of them I feel have a certain rhythm to them!

You tell me am I justified in adopting this label or not?


Written in response to Six Sentence Story- Meter, hosted by Denise



155 thoughts on “Writing poetry

  1. Absolutely poetess Sadje!!
    Rhyme is not essential in poetry and meter counts (pardon the pun) for scarce little if meaning and emotions subtract/ detract from the baring of the soul (as poetry is wont to do).
    We are, in my mind, as the famous quote states:
    “…We are all apprentices in a craft that has no master.”😊

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  2. I’m in the same boat, Sadje. I do not know much about poetry but have always enjoyed expressing myself through rhymes. I have read your poems and feel that you are a wonderful poet, my friend. 💕🙏💕

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  3. Sadje girlfriend, listen, there are at least 168 different poetic styles. I experiment with various versions, while they may be a little more intense with their form and structure, but I try them anyway to understand their derivation. Typically, many writers tend to stick with rhyme, free verse, haiku, acrostic or ekphrastic because it has been heavily relied upon throughout the years to easily create. Take a deep dive in the genre because there’s so much fascinating stuff that would simply blow you away. Go on girl, and splash your words. 🥰👏🏼🤩👏🏼😍

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  4. You’re a poet Sadje, you needn’t worry about that! 👍💯 I used to rhyme all the time but have found that you don’t necessarily need to have everything rhyming all the time to be a poet. Nor do you need to know about meter or syllables etc. You just gotta trust your own instincts when it comes to what sounds right etc.

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  5. I enjoy your writing. Your poems aren’t difficult to understand and this is coming from someone who has trouble deciphering the meaning of poetry. I agree with the other comments, rhyming isn’t necessary.

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  6. Why do we get conditioned to doubt ourselves?
    Dear Sadje, some of the most beautiful poetry I have read have neither rhyme or any of the usual frames…you know what they share though? Honesty and heart.
    And from that, you have got plenty.

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  7. My dear Sadje, be the poet you are and if you can avoid the restrictions of form, rhyme and meter – so much the better, I am a neo-formalist thanks to uni and relaxing meter or form is a nightmare as writing using meter and form is natural to me now. Even when I write free verse there is meter and/or rhyme in there somewhere. xx

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      1. Most welcome. If it is not too cheeky to say, you might like to add the Kimo and the Lune too. Both are similiar in vein to the Haiku.

        Kimo is 3 lines 10 7 6


        Lune is 3 lines 5 3 5

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  8. I started out hating form myself, but have come to love it, as it helps me organize and it improves the sound and message of a poem. If you have a computer–and clearly you do–you can easily search poetry sites that explain these things so you can try them. Good poetry is work, like anything else, but it’s joy, too. Don’t sell yourself short. 🙂

    –Shay/Fireblossom in WP clothing

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  9. I would love to opine on this, Sadje. You are a poet – even a regular contributor to the Fake Flamenco poetry challenge! Wish I could let people know that modern poetry is more about rhythm than rhyme. I like your poems very much. You express yourself well.

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  10. Yes you are. I’ve written only about a dozen or so poems since I started blogging. I know none of the rules. I write poetry using the free verse style or approach. I truly found that writing poetry one of the most impactful ways to express innermost feelings and emotions. Writing from your heart will always have a poetic value to it. There are multiple approaches in poetry, like there is in the art world. Embrace; share and love what your heart tells you to write.

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  11. You certainly are blessed with the ability to write poetry without rhyme Sadje. Unfortunately, many ‘free verse’ poets simply chop a piece of prose into short lines, often mid-sentence, something which really irritates me when coming across them on prompt sites.

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  12. Oh heavens, Dear! Of course you are a Poet/Poetess!!! You write poetry and whatever form you choose to use doesn’t change the fact that you are a Poet! No License or Board approval needed! LOL! Although I have read from a famous Poet (maybe Mary Oliver or another) that a poem doesn’t really become a poem until it is recited to someone or published – posting on WP is considered publication by Publishers so, you see, you are a Poet!

    I didn’t really consider myself a Poet until I read one of my poems that a family wanted read at a Memorial Service. After reading my poem I sat down next to my wife and whispered “Well, I guess
    I’m really a Poet now!” 😁😊👍

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  13. Writing even just one prose poem I think give someone the right to claim they are a poet.
    But of course the more you do the more you learn. I’ve been writing for oodles of years and don’t like meter or forced rhyme – though I will try some of those forms.

    Enjoy what you do and yes my friend you are very much a ‘Poet’ 😀

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  14. Sadje, I don’t write poetry. I did study it at school and university. When I read your poems – I think of you as a poet – I think about what your message conveys, your work speaks to me – thats what poetry should do. I don’t think about style/form but how it touches me.

    Conversely, I would say you don’t want to write in a particular style or use a particular technique just because you want to ‘tick boxes’; I’d worry it might stifle your creativity.

    Keep being the poetry goddess you are 😁

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  15. Definitely! Poetry is an art form. As long as it sounds good and is coherent, it is poetry. Some poems are one sentence. Some are freestyle. Most of mine are freestyle unless I state otherwise.

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  16. Your words are encouraging to me because I have no rules either when I write my poetry. I’m sure the literary critics would have a lot of negative things to say. The fact that we feel OK writing the way we do, is in my opinion, the first step in becoming a great writer!

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