Blogging intuition


“Here’s the only blogging tip you really need: always follow your intuition.” – Kelly Thoreson


Personal blogging is neither an art nor a science. Blogging is self-expression.

When a person starts a blog, they usually have some idea of what they want to blog about. If it’s a personal blog, the topics are varied and one can write about anything. Here, I think intuition can play a role to guide us on what would be the best fit for us.

Intuition is actually the manifestation of all the information gathered by our senses subconsciously. So we should trust our intuition as we trust our senses. If my intuition tells me that I would be a better writer if I write about things that are close to my heart, then I should do so. I started my blog to write about the medical and social issues that women over 50, ( empty nesters) face. But gradually my writing changed and though I still address these issues, I feel ( intuitively) that I am more effective when I write from my heart about the issues our humanity is facing.

So if we analyze this quote regarding the topics we choose to blog about, I think it is spot on. But if someone is advising on how to blog then they should include other aspects of writing here as well; like clean and simple expression, mistake-free writing, and structuring the sentence as to make the writing attractive.

Thank you Tanya for this prompt to deepen our insights into blogging.

Written in response to; Blogging Insights – NF # 62 : Intuition, hosted by Tanya



53 thoughts on “Blogging intuition

  1. I think it is quite easy to separate being technically good at something (mistake-free, ass you put it) with the appeal of the subject matter. To write anything successfully you’ve got to mix those two things.
    One of the Abba guys once said that they were simply writing music that they liked, they were just lucky that millions of other people liked it, too.

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  2. I started blogging similarly to you with a focus on offering advice to women. My subject was finances because the majority of wealth in our nation is owned by women but they are least educated or comfortable with managing it. I also worked as a financial advisor. Women often outlive their spouses and their spouses handled the finances. I found very little interest to read about that topic. I moved on to what was going on in my life and whatever interested me.

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    1. Yes, we have to readjust our goals according to the reader’s preferences. I like what you write. All a mixture of your life, interests and life in the neighborhood


  3. I like the notion of self expression. I think blogging gave me a way to be heard. My family is rather dismissive of what I say, but here I feel like readers are listening

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