The ugly duckling ( A re-share)

This week the prompt from Sue W and GC his Ugly

Growing up with three brothers, I was more of a tomboy than a girlish girl. I wasn’t much aware of the fashion trends and preferred plain over fancy. I used to buy running shoes for everyday use, no fancy heels for this girl. I also wore ugly glasses, chosen more for durability than style.

This was me when I joined med school and went to live in another city with a bunch of girls. I realized that my appearance lacked something that those other girls had. They would wear matching shoes, put on makeup, and would look like ladies. Whereas I would blunder about in my manly shoes, plain utilitarian clothes, and an extroverted, Donald Duck-style gait, ( which resulted in more than my fair share of accidents).

But I couldn’t emulate them as I was made different. So there was no ugly duckling transforming into a swan. Rather this ugly duckling gradually grew to be more careful while walking and learned to dress a bit more stylishly.

Why change my basic nature, when I am happy with who I am. If I try to become someone else or act like someone else, I would lose my identity.



67 thoughts on “The ugly duckling ( A re-share)

  1. We are who we are. I remember feeling self conscious as child and also in my early teens. I was convinced that others were better than me, had nicer clothes and good looks. I’ve no idea when this ugly ducking realised she’s grown into swan.
    I suppose we all go through a stage of feeling like an ugly duckling. Thank you, Sadje

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      1. I agree. Thanks for the kind words. Stylish is not a word that many use to describe my clothing. My neighbor, Kathy has taken to giving me hand-me-downs from her daughter so I’m getting an assortment of clothing that I might not pick for myself that is fun to wear.

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