Sometimes brewing behind these naughty faces

two boys pulling funny faces (a three line tales writing prompt)
photo by Austin Pacheco

They were very quiet and that was a sign of trouble brewing.

Martha stepped outside to look for them and found them at the back of the yard, hands hidden behind their back and eyes brimming with suppressed glee and mischief.

Before she could ask them what they were up to, they brought their hands forward and opened the jars they held in them, releasing a lot of butterflies, which flitted in the air creating a rainbow.


Written for Three Line Tales, hosted by Sonya



39 thoughts on “Sometimes brewing behind these naughty faces

  1. lol reminds me of when my brother and I used to collect christmas beetles, brightly coloured, in a large tin and place them in the downstairs toilet. Father would wonder what was in the tin and have his quiet contemplation rudely erupt with a shower of golden beetles πŸ™‚

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