Saturday Symphony # 34- Love affair

In the beginning, man lived as one with the nature

There was no conflict, no war between the two

Then when humans got greedy they started ravaging

The environment to earn riches, destroying the nature

Now the developed world is starting another love affair with nature

Luring it into a false sense of security, but always busy

Cutting its roots, stealing its treasures, and still harming it

If only humans returned to their true love of nature

The genuine love that would mean making sacrifices for it

Maybe man and nature can once again live in harmony

And our beloved, one and only home can be saved


Written for Saturday Symphony, November edition, hosted by Jude



66 thoughts on “Saturday Symphony # 34- Love affair

  1. I think it’s possible that the destruction of the Amazon rainforest — turning it into a desert — may be the beginning of the end. I do not think this world will survive without those trees. And the stupidity of it, the madness of it. The land he torched is WORTHLESS as farmland and the river is turning to mud.

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  2. Happy Birthday Sadje. Hope you have a great day.

    I agree with others. Such a powerful post Sadje. We really do need to waken up and be accountable for our actions and stop paying lip service to the impacts of our selfish and careless actions.

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  3. Oh how I wish. I would love to time travel, to see what the future holds. I don’t think I will see any real changes in my life time. Humans are too greedy. They want just for themselves and don’t think about the other creatures we share this planet with. Every other creature has a reason for being here and we need to keep that balance.

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