Pensive thoughts

photo by Lerone Pieters

Jason always felt a sense of ease when he came and stood near the golden gate bridge, somehow the serenity of flowing water was symbolic of peace for him.

Today he was very perturbed, life was proving more troublesome than usual, and the issues at work and problems at home both combined to make him happy to stay here and avoid both home and the office.

He took out his phone and called Simon and ordered him to sell all his shares and liquidate all his investments, it was time to reinvent himself.


Written for Three Line Tale, hosted by Sonya



32 thoughts on “Pensive thoughts

  1. There are some folks in the news… We would like them to reinvent themselves into the shadows! Some are ruining good things, and others are still thinking they still have influence with their boastful but irrellivently trumped up importance.

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