Cheeky fella

Visitor – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a small squirrel nibbling something whilst sitting on a fence panel.


Squirrels are cheeky fellas, and those living in urban environments aren’t afraid of humans. They often would come near me while I was out walking, stealing food from the dumpsters. Often they would stop what they were doing and sit and stare at me.

This fella had found a half-eaten apple near a dumpster and had carried it all the way to this tree. Maybe he/she had a nest in it too. Very diligently it enjoyed the apple, but for some reason took exception to my taking pictures of it doing so. So when I aimed my phone camera to take more pictures, it had disappeared.

Squirrels are cute critters but be careful of venturing too close to them. They can bite and even draw blood. If you doubt my statement, ask Rory, and he’ll confirm my statement.


Written in response to WritePhoto- Visitor , hosted by K L Caley



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