WDYS # 160 -A Roundup post

What is faith

They say it’s believing the unseen

I say that God is all around us, everywhere

What’s a prayer

They say it’s asking God for help

I say a prayer is affirmation of our faith

That God is there and is listening to our pleas


Great entries this week in response to this image. Please click on the links to read the contributions of our lovely participants.

Punam; Inscrutable

David; Oh God or oh man

Maria; Hands together

Keith; Parrot talk

Angela; What do you see # 160

Reena; Live up to it

Eugenia; Mother Earth, our home

Grace; Adjust

Chaya; Pensive

Dora; A cynic’s prayer

Diana; Thank you

Jim; Deep in prayer

Tessa; What do you see # 160

Cheryl; WDYS 160

Suzette; Cords

Phil; Words that connect us to heavens

Indira; An earnest prayer

Shashi; Prayer

Michnavs; I pray

Ken; Dreadlocked invocation

Fandango; What have I got to lose

Brandon; Give thanks, thanksgiving

Lakshmi; Everyday moments

Jane; God exists

Observations of a random stranger;Dear God

Sylvia; Standing prayer

Goutam; Assistance

Audrine; Training wheels and permission slips

Jules; Unintended trace of existence

Yinglan; The lucky one

Sandy; From the heart

The Inkdrop; Prayer

I am grateful to all those who have read, shared and commented on these posts.

I will be posting next week’s challenge on Monday at 12:00 pm, PKT.

Thanks for reading.




26 thoughts on “WDYS # 160 -A Roundup post

  1. Es una forma mediante la cual Dios nos hace sentirnos escuchados. Un puente para establecer una relación con Él. Es otra de sus formas, de sus regalos, para mostrarnos su amor. Hebreos 11:1.

    It’s a way for us to be listened by God. A bridge that sets a real relationship between Him and us. Another way for him to show his love. A gift. Hb 11:1.

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