Making things easy for oneself – De- cluttering

This week the weekly prompt from Sue W and GC is Easy


I wrote this post in 2019. It is all about making life easy and streamlined.

I recently read a great blog about the beauty of simplicity. So I am trying to make my life simple and easy by de-cluttering it.

This is the season for making new plans and implementing life changes. So if you want a streamlined life, free of a lot of extra stuff, both literally and figuratively, go for a purge.

De-cluttering space ;

I think that sorting our clothes, books, pictures, and all other stuff that is unorganized not only frees up the space but also gives us the comfort of knowing that we don’t have anything which we are not using.

The extra clothes, outdated, out-sized and worn out all can be sorted into the categories of;


Give away( disposed of)

Stored away for next season

One piece of advice, I found to be practical is to give away or donate clothes that don’t fit anymore. If we keep them in hopes of fitting in them again, that day sometimes never comes.

Books and photographs are more difficult to organize. We seldom feel like parting with books, old or new. Some can be donated to the lending libraries but most books we would love to keep most. So the trick is to store them on shelves and not in boxes or crates. A cheap bookshelf is easy to get and will keep the books within your reading range. Nowadays we usually don’t have pictures in hard copies. But if you do, take some time to organize them in albums or scrapbooks, with a small note saying when and where. It may be useful to add who, in the case of old photos. This is a time-consuming process and should be attempted when you have free time on your hands.

Knickknacks and other miscellaneous things can be either stored away or kept in the appropriate place

De-cluttering digital space;

The digital space we have is limited, no matter how many gigabytes of it we have because all things add up. Make a point to free up the space on the laptop, phone and tablet/ iPad, etc by deleting old documents that you no longer need. If you feel like me that the moment you delete anything, you will have an urgent need of it, then you should buy a portable hard drive( a really large memory stick) and transfer your data onto it. iCloud, OneDrive, and other online storage facilities are excellent to store data that you don’t want to part with. Uploading pictures to online data storage helps free up the space on your digital devices and may even do away with the necessity of getting a new one with more storage space.

De-cluttering mind;

The most useful and important part of de-cluttering is that of our minds. Worries, stress, and concerns about the future eat away the peace of mind. We can be so distracted by all that is going on in our brains that we may not perform our jobs properly. There are a few tips to de-clutter our minds;

Set priorities; do what is important first. Leave the unimportant tasks for later.

Learn to let go; you cannot do everything, and achieve all that you want. So if you are unable to do something, let go of the feeling of failure and move on.

Take a deep breath; deep breathing gets more oxygen into our bodies and helps us relax.

Make decisions; being decisive takes a load off your mind. But don’t go back and rethink your decisions.

Share with loved ones; as they say that a burden shared is a burden halved.

Limit the amount of media, social media, and digital devices you use; we all know now that too much information, can bring chaos to our minds, so limit the amount of TV, Facebook, or other media/ social media you use and give your brain a breather.

Unwind; at the end of the day, unwind. Physically unwinding and relaxing can make our minds relaxed.

Photo Credit; Google for all images

These are a few of the tips to make life simple and free from clutter.

Hope that this is useful to some of you.

Waiting for your feedback and comments.




48 thoughts on “Making things easy for oneself – De- cluttering

  1. Oh, I wish it was easy for me to get rid.
    I look at most of the clothes in my wardrobe and I hope that I will one day I will fit back into them, Finally, I realise the day that I fit back into my clothes will never arrive. Today, 10 or 12 years on it’s time to get rid and take to charity shop. Oh it’s such a sad day because I still don’t want to do it. Definitely not easy. Thank you, Sadje

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  2. Great post Sadje. When we moved back in July to the east coast of Canada, we had for the previous number of months prior to our move, been decluttering and selling “stuff”. From ceramic knick-knack to coffee tables and couches to everything in between.

    My wife had many great and wonderful attributes, unfortunately she does have a very difficult time letting go of things.

    She often justifies it under the guise of “you never know when we might need it.”

    We never do though.

    Much of it comes from not having a lot of stuff as a child. Her parents and even do this day, do not keep things or store stuff. You don’t find clutter at their home.

    So when we were in the midst of packing for our move, I explained to Lynn that as much as we’re making a few bucks getting rid of lots of stuff, the process is more a mental exercise and victory of “decluttering our lives of the past and moving on and starting something new.”

    Did it work?

    Not really. I think it can be a difficult and challenging process for many to “declutter their lives.”

    Great subject and post!

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    1. I agree that de-clustering is not easy for some. I’ve heard this one before too. It definitely needs a frame of mind ready to let go. I love doing this. My only weakness is the photos, which are piling up.

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      1. It is hard to let go of somethings. And it is true – it is mindset.

        We managed to give a some large furniture to a local group that had to set up(in only a day or two) for a Ukrainian refugee family that had fled the war. It was easy for Lynn – mindset was different. The family had a small girl(maybe 4 years old?) – it was easy to make sure she had a teddy bear and some small toys(we still had) for when they arrived. Mindset goes a long way.

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