Memorable trips- 2019, Washington state and the Olympic Peninsula

WQW # 42- Memorable Trips, hosted by Marsha

I am sharing my trip of Washington State and Pacific Coast that I took in 2019 with my daughter and grandson.

It was with much anticipation that I looked forward to my visit to the Pacific coast in the north of Washington state. The plan was to drive and stay a couple of night along the way.

In two and half days we did a loop of the Olympic peninsula, traveling around 600 miles. It was a great trip and we drove through most of the towns and ports in the area.

I hope you enjoy!


Cape Flattery, Pacific Ocean, Clallam county

View from Cape Flattery

Cape resort, Neah Bay

Neah Bay

Lake Quinault, Olympic National Forest

These are the pictures from the first leg of the trip, going to Neah bay, Makkah reservation. The weather was fantastic and the views absolutely wonderful.

The beauty of nature is such that words become unnecessary.

Day -2

Port Angeles was a super amazing experience.

Feiro Marine life center, Port Angeles

Beautiful painting on the outer walls depicting life in the past.

Pier # 8, Port Angeles

A view of Port Ludlow from the road.

Gig Harbor, Puget Sound.





80 thoughts on “Memorable trips- 2019, Washington state and the Olympic Peninsula

  1. Gorgeous photos! It looked like you had a wonderful trip. I’ve only driven through Washington state, but at some point, I would love to go to visit and stay a few days. Thank you for sharing with us 😊

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                  1. I’m close to Los Angeles. It’s very much…congested. I’m not really a city gal, so I always feel claustrophobic there. I’m more of a suburban/rural type of person. I like being able to be in nature and to be able to breathe. There’s too many people in cities for me

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                    1. That makes sense! I like to visit big cities every once in a while. I like the culture and diversity of big cities as well as the food (I really enjoy trying new food). I’ve been to New York and New Jersey a few times because I have family there, but as for living, I would need something more suburban or rural, especially for the horses 😉

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                    2. Yes, and the few boarding places in the city are about 2-3 times more expensive. For example, to keep all three horses where they are at now, it is $735 a month. In Los Angeles, it would be around $3-4k a month (definitely not in my budget because I barely make $3.2k a month, so I really had to think about where I would like to live and if I would want my horses on my property or not (Shawn and I decided that we do, but first we need a house haha 😂. If they were on our property, it would only be $250 a month, and we would save almost $500 a month). Horses are expensive 😅

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                    3. Yes! I absolutely love that. I feel like it’s something everyone should experience at least once in their lives. Horses are so healing ❤️‍🩹 I love building a connection with them and feeling like one when riding. It’s such an amazing feeling. Even just going out and grooming them and not riding that day would make my worries melt away

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  2. Sadje, your pictures are stunning. You could write for a travel magazine. My first husband lived in Seattle, but I have never been to most of the places you shared. Now I want to go back! Well done my friend. 🙂

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              1. Wow, that’s interesting – at least to me. So many people don’t bother to analyze the data. They look at it and don’t ask the important questions behind the data. 🙂 I bet she knows a lot of interesting facts. 🙂

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  3. Beautiful!!! The Pacific-Northwest is some of the most beautiful scenery in this nation, though I haven’t been there since I was in my teens way back when! Your pictures are wonderful and I’m glad you had that opportunity!

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