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Assorted Questions Once a Week

Have you ever been on an extended vacation/holiday road trip? If so, when and where and for how long?

I would call my trips to Seattle to visit my daughter and grandson as extended vacations. I’d normally go there for 3-4 months. But in 2020, I stayed there for 6 months ( minus 1 week) and my visa for that stay was about to expire when I got a flight out of Los Angeles, not Seattle to come back home. My daughter always made my visits special. She planned trips and got me presents too. 💖

When was the last time you visited an actual bookshop, and what, if any, new/old/secondhand titles did you buy?

I go to bookshops often. My mission is to buy books for my grandchildren. Small story books with lots of pictures. My elder grandson is now hooked on kindle and doesn’t want actual books.

How do you feel about the new WP Dashboard 7-day highlights Statistics?

I haven’t noticed it. Maybe it’s on the computer/ laptop version and not on the mobile version?

How do you feel about all the Russian nuclear sabre rattling?

I didn’t know what this was so checked it out just now. I don’t think that it will have any real impact as it is mostly fear-mongering.

If you could go back or travel to an age of your choice and live or relive a previous era for a day, what age would you pick and why?

I really don’t want to get back, just move forward!

Do you have a favourite coat? [Outdoor/Indoor/Business/Social] What makes it unique to you, OR is a coat just a coat?

I used to have a very nice Michael Kors black jacket/ coat when I was in Seattle. Over here we don’t need coats. And with our dress, a Shalwar kameez, a shawl, or a sweater looks better.

Do you enjoy learning something new every day or week?

Yes, I do. And blogging is the best way to learn new things every day.

Are you more comfortable in your skin today than you were in the youth of your yesterdays? Why and how so?

Oh yes definitely. I was given very good advice on my 40th birthday; “Don’t bother about people and what they think of you. Just do what you think is right”. Gradually I’ve adapted my thinking to this and now I’m not that person who was super-sensitive, nervous, and always worried about what others think about her and her actions anymore.

Have you ever kept a hardback diary or a journal as opposed to an online digital one? When did you first start to journal your life?

Perhaps when I was a teenager. Not a journal persé but a diary to jot down poems and sketch in. Never recorded my life events in it.

How do you feel about Eggplant/Aubergine/Guinea Squash as a vegetable? Is it something you enjoy having in your meals?

I love it. In all its forms. It’s a great vegetable, low carb, full of iron and fiber. There’s a restaurant here that makes a fantastic aubergine salad. I love going there.

What film could you watch over and over again and why?

Not constantly. But I’ve watched the lord of the rings trilogy many times. It’s just so good. But there’s a gap of many months or a couple of years between the re-watching.

What concert, show, or event would you love tickets for if you could get them?

Concerts are not my thing. Can’t be bothered to be squished between a lot of people and loud music. I’d rather enjoy the music at home.

Would your teenage self be impressed with who you are today and what you have achieved so far in your/their life?

I think so. She would be impressed by my blog for sure. I am, even now!

Which online behaviours do you find the most annoying in blogging?

Asking me to follow them!


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42 thoughts on “All about life- Q&A from Rory

    1. Thanks Maria. It was very good advice. And I took it to heart. The lord of the rings is indeed a fantastic trilogy. I like the hobbit too. And the new Amazon series, the rings of power was good too.

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  1. You said you didn’t want to go back in time, just move forward. Well, it does look like you did some time travel forward, and I’m impressed! You spent 6 months visiting your daughter in 2030…
    lol, I’m sorry, I wasn’t going to say anything except that there was a question about time travel in there, so I had to laugh.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Concerning the WordPress Dashboard 7-day highlights Statistics, my visitors are up 25%, my views are up 18%, but my likes are down 6% and my comments are down 27%, so that tells me that my readers are getting lazy. My statistics kept climbing every year and 2021 was my best year where I had 88,958 Views, 50,030 Visitors, 1.78 Views Per Visitor and 965 Posts Published. In 2022 my stats have slacked off with only 59,278 Views, 32,707 Visitors, 1.81 Views Per Visitor and just 743 Posts Published so far for this year. I guess I must be doing something wrong.

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  3. Thank you for your work on your blog Sadje. You pour your heart and experiences in every post. It is a pleasure to read your work.
    Your posts always inspire, and often informs thought, one could not ask for more genuineness from writing than those.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. we have so much in common Sadje, I am also a great fan of lord of the rings, and star wars and … I feel so blessed that my family taught me much earlier that I could never live up to others expectations so I never really tried! That freedom is such a blessing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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