Sticky situation

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For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a woman sitting in the passenger seat of an older-model, turquoise Chevy convertible parked in front of pink motel or apartment building. She’s looking back over her right shoulder. Who is she looking for, I wonder.


Anthony advised her to forget what had happened and warned her to not say anything to anyone. Sylvia was already fed up with Anthony so she stomped out of their motel room and went to wait for him in their car.

She couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that Anthony was dealing drugs. No wonder he could afford such a flashy vintage car! He was always dressed immaculately in expensive suits. And he did give her fancy and costly gifts and jewelry. But she came from a law-abiding family and knew what was right and what was wrong.

Suddenly a shiver traveled through her spine. What if Anthony planned to get rid of her as she had seen him with his drug dealer friend. She decided to get away from him.

Stepping out of the car, she took out the small Swiss army knife she carried in her bag and slashed all of the tires of the Chevy.

Grabbing her bag she hailed a taxi and headed for her parent’s house. She felt she’d be safer there. Her dad, a retired cop would give her the best advice regarding this sticky situation.


Written in response to FFFC # 193, hosted by Fandango

Also included FSS # 72, hosted by Fandango




53 thoughts on “Sticky situation

  1. Slashing tyres by her swiss army knife is another problem created by Sylvia. Antony’s problem of drug dealing couldn’t be solved by this. The irony of the matter is made by her acceptance of money and gifts from him. This means she had already eaten money or gifts from drugs. She could have kept quiet as she was advised by him.

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