Keep an open mind

Both eyes and minds should be open

If we want to get anywhere in life

Put a lock on free thinking and you’ll stay stagnant

Close your eyes and you’ll literally be blind

If you are blessed with a mind capable of thinking

Don’t cripple it’s abilities by wearing a cap of darkness over it

If your eyes are functioning properly, why pretend to be blind

How we go through life, what we achieve here

Depends wholly on our attitude throughout our time on earth

Never waste the opportunities that come your way

Or close the doors life/ fate opens for you!


Written in response to; RXC PROMPT #257, hosted by Reena



76 thoughts on “Keep an open mind

      1. Thank you as well I’ve been noticing that I had been doing this to myself… It was grateful to read this today first of course as a human to realize that I’m not The only One and then to hear such inspirational words that we can all overcome anything just by admitting acknowledge and addressing it thank you so much for sharing this today for helping me to see myself with a clearer view

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