Water- Our precious resource

For Friday Faithfuls today, I am asking how concerned you are about water. Are you worried that you might be running out of clean water? Are you experiencing increased evaporation due to warmer temperatures? Did you ever, or do you now live in a place or ever visit an area where they warned you against drinking the water? Do you live in a place that has restrictions on the amount of water that you are allowed to use? Do you have any suggestions about what should be done to ensure that we will have enough water in the future?


Water is the source of life.

Wasting fresh water is to my mind the hight of stupidity. And not only that, it’s shortsighted in the extreme. The climate change/ extreme weather has made rainfall unpredictable and the rising temperatures have dried up many fresh water resources.

On a personal level, I try to conserve as much water as I can. We don’t have bathtubs in our home. We all take quick showers. The tap should be off when brushing teeth, soaping hands or face. We have faucets which can be turned off by pressing on the handle.

The cars, driveway and other outside structures are not washed daily, or even weekly. Watering the lawn, flowers is done manually and just enough to keep the soil moist. We can be fined for washing our cars.

We don’t drink tap water but use bottled water as it’s not deemed safe for drinking. though we aren’t restricted on water usage, we are billed for the water we use and that is also a deterrent on wasting water.

As I said in the beginning, water is the source of life on our planet. Be very conscious of it and the fact that it’s scarce in many parts of the planet. Conserve water so that others may have it.


Written for Friday Faithfuls- Water, hosted by Jim



40 thoughts on “Water- Our precious resource

  1. I am an African, in western part of Kenya. Here, people get surprised when they hear water is billed in other parts of the world. Water conservation is very important and is what should be stressed. Lack of knowledge on conservation of water is like committing suicide on mass scale by the people of the world. How do we conserve water when we are destroying forests on earth. By destroying vegetation that covers the earth, water quantity is likely to be reduced, hence lack of adequate supply of clean water..

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  2. I have never suffered any, let alone severe, water scarcity and I pray I never, cause I have seen its effects on people from other places in my country. I come from around Lake Victoria, which makes water almost ready available, and currently I live near a tropical rain forest in the western part of Kenya. Here there are clean springs and tap water almost everywhere. But I once visited the South Eastern part of my country and bemoaned my fellow countryfolks. People literally have to travel long distances to get water and queue for long hours to fetch it. And the hurting part of it is that fetching in those places is a task left for the women 😑. It is quite disturbing

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