Thursday throwback- Then and now

Then and now

This week’s prompt is: Then and Now

Think about yourself as a child and tell me :

  1. Were you more of an introvert or an extrovert?
  2. Did you have a boisterous or a more reserved personality?
  3. Were you more confident or did you tend to be insecure?
  4. Were you social or were you more of a loner?
  5. Were you a good listener or a good talker?
  6. Did you like school or dread it?
  7. Did you like the outdoors or did you prefer staying inside?
  8. Did you have deep thoughts about the world, the universe, etc., or did you only see as far as where you lived?
  9. What did you want to be when you grew up?
  10. Looking back, how did you fare as an adult? Are you still that same person or have you changed? If you changed, was it a dramatic shift or just slight changes? Did you end up in the profession you thought you would?

I’ll answer the questions in one composite post.

I was a shy child, probably because I lost my mom as a child and had no sister. My father devoted himself to his three kids but he was a busy man, working in a high-ranking government job.

With my father and brothers, I was boisterous and talkative but very quiet with strangers. The same was with my level of confidence, with family I was confident but outside home I was hesitant.

I liked to daydream alone. Making stories, roaming the lawns of our home, and imagining things, probable and improbable too. I was both a talker and a listener as a child. As I grew up I became more of a talker than a listener. Now I am trying to be a better listener. It’s hard.

When my father re-married, our home life became quite stressful so I preferred school to stay at home. Holidays were hard for at any moment something may trigger my stepmom into a fit of self-pity and a feeling of not being treated well ( it was always something to do with my very opinionated elder brother)

As kids we were always outside, riding our bikes, making sand castles, and playing cricket and hockey. But I had the ability to entertain myself, wherever I was.

I was a philosopher from my teen years. I loved Allama Iqbal, our national poet, and would memorize his poems and discuss them with my father and grandfather who also loved his poetry. My deep thinking gave me the gift of strong faith in God and it strengthened my character.

I dreamed of being a doctor, a female surgeon, we had a few of them in our country at that time. But fate decreed something else for me. I have never regretted this change in my life’s path. In fact, I’ve been able to help my family and friends through my part-time medical education!

I’m quite satisfied with the person I’ve become. It was an insidious change, gradually increasing my confidence, making me able to speak up more and let my voice be heard. 4 years ago I started blogging and that opened up a whole new world for me. My mind opened up and became receptive to new ideas. Blogging has made me a better, more well-informed person and has gifted me so many friends from all over the world.


In response to Thursday throwback memories# 63- Then and Now, hosted by Maggie this week.



97 thoughts on “Thursday throwback- Then and now

  1. Sadje, I was pleased to see you join in and to read your responses. I love your baby photo – how beautiful. Your playtime outside sounds idyllic to me. I always enjoyed being outside. I am so glad you found blogging and I feel fortunate that our paths crossed.

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    1. Thank you Maggie. You’re very kind. I usually skip the prompt because Most questions are related to a western lifestyle. No criticism implied. This time the questions appealed to me. I’m lucky to have found such a beautiful community. Even my daughter who read one of the post I wrote about her and her daughter “ mommy please play with me “ said that I have a wonderful community here.

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  2. Thanks for joining in Sadje. That beautiful baby face is still present in your current picture. I totally agree that we grow and change to meet the needs of who we are in the present.

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    1. Thank you so much Cindy. It was really great to be able to exchange ideas with them even when I was so young and immature, they made me feel so grown up and wise.


  3. Inspiring story, Sadje, just like you. That baby picture of you is just adorable. I’m afraid no matter how shy you were I would have scooped you up in my arms and cuddled you. But I wouldn’t pinch your cheeks! I hated when people did that to me when I was a child in India.

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  4. lovely to hear your story Sadje, sorry you lost your mother so young … I had no idea! Often when we are thrown off course, when our dreams take another path it opens us to other things. Sounds like you had the confidence to adapt and do what was right by yourself and your family 🙂

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