Some more coffee time teasers

Another batch of interesting questions from Rory;

You have 11 minutes free time, how do you spend it best with regards entertainment?

Open the WordPress app on my phone. Eleven minutes will be gone in the blink of an eye.

Are you a fan of feet either yours or others or are you averse feet?
Why and why?

Feet are very essential for walking! I have suffered a lot in last 4-1/2 months for my left foot. The surgery to fix it’s issues was quite a trial. So I look after my feet. Get regular pedicures, get my nails painted and give myself foot massages off and on. I’m not interested is the feet of other people, except babies. They have the most adorable feet 🦶

When you are wrong and you know you are wrong do you admit to being wrong or try and find a right for your wrong?

I will graciously accept that I’m wrong. Why should I not? This is the way to learning.

Are you more of a night owl or a morning lark?

Morning person most days.

Do you listen to audiobooks and if so what is the appeal? How many do you get through every month?

I tried listening to audiobooks once. But it’s a slow process and I’m an impatient person so it didn’t work for me.

Do you bore quickly and if so why and how do you combat it and if not, how do you avoid that boredom?

No, I don’t get bored easily. From my childhood, I’ve had this ability to keep myself entertained.

What is one thing that you wish your readers knew about you and your blog?

I think my readers know mostly everything about my blog. And all the things I want them to know about me.

What items do you have on the top shelf of your fridge right now, today?

I have no idea. I haven’t opened the fridge in the last 8 days. I’m not eating anything solid. Just decaf coffee and tea with skim milk. So why would I open the fridge and salivate over things I can’t eat.

Are you able to stand on one leg for 25 seconds?

Nopes! Tried and could do it for just 5 secs.

What are your favourited book titles from the following six categories?
[One item only per genre please – use alternative genre if first choice is not your style]

Comedy or Children’s literature; Anything written by Enid Blyton. (Children books)
Horror or Historical Fiction; My lord John by Georgette Heyer ( Historical Fiction)
Mystery or Memoir; All the books by Agatha Christie ( Mystery)
Thriller or Adventure;Robin Cook ( medical thriller) Romance or Poetry; Georgette Heyer ( Historical romances) Fantasy or Sci-Fi; Lord of the rings ( Fantasy)

What twelve items would you take to a deserted island if you were going to be stranded there for twelve months and why those items – how are they functional to your survival?[You can not take people, or any means of escape and there is no Internet access or electricity]

I liked Paula’s response to this question, so I’m copying her answer here.

A sturdy, creature-proof cabin (1), a comfortable bed (2), a year’s supply of water (3), a year’s supply of non-perishable food (4), a giant pile of comfy clothing enough for a year sans laundry (5), a year’s supply of meds (6), a pallet of toiletries (7), a ton of paper (8), a super-large box of pens (9), a dictionary (10), a thesaurus (11), and my big fat high school English lit book for inspiration (12).

Does the society of today need social media platforms? Are they dying – as is suggested – off or are people simply after something else that is socially oriented but more personable?

I don’t think anyone “needs” social media platforms! (I don’t count WordPress as a social media site. It’s an intellectual platform, like other blogging sites)

If these platforms are morphing into something better that is good news because in their current form they are just mostly encouraging people to spread negativity.

Thanks Rory for these interesting questions.



35 thoughts on “Some more coffee time teasers

    1. I can have decaf tea and coffee with little skimmed milk and detox water. Green tea is allowed too. The doctor wants the stomach to heal properly before he introduces soups and juices etc. I’m hoping tomorrow he’ll give me the go ahead. 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

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        1. Thanks Dora. Very few people have heard of Georgette Heyer here but like you over read her book multiple times. We even upgraded to new editions when they were reprinted. Our old copies belonged to my grandfather and were falling apart.

          Liked by 1 person

  1. Great answers Sadje. I liked Paula’s answers to the desert island question too…awesome.
    Regarding feet. they are pretty important and when even the slightest thing is wrong, they capture all of our attention even to the point of distraction.

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  2. Interesting answers Sadje, many thanks 🙂

    Where do you keep the skim milk – in a cupboard even when opened?

    Blogs are also classed as social media admittedly, the main difference is that blogging is classed as alternative social media and from memory, blogging and bloggers and blogs were in fact one of the very first forms of social media alongside forums.

    It’s not so much the social media that is unintelligent it is the users that make a platform appear unintelligent. Blogging and to blog l think is also known as another alternative variation of an online journal. Blogs become more of a social media platform the moment you enable your comments section. So in fact many personal blogs are just as social as the like of Twit and Fbook because of the community aspectation from commenting. Also the whole reason that WP allows the connectivity to other media platforms is because of the social community.

    I think that FB and Twit and several others are probably dying off but that is mostly because the generation that is no longer interested in them is after more personable media as in click community groups and not so much advertising whilst more up and coming and continuously tredning social medias like Tik Tok, WhatsApp, YouTube, WeChat and so on are now proving more popular with younger generations.

    Enid Blyton was also one of my favourites as a child. Haven’t read one in recent years though.

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    1. No I ask someone to put it back in the fridge!!!!
      I haven’t read Enid Blyton’s books since my kids have grown. But I think when my grandkids will be in that stage, we will read together.
      As for the definition of social media, I don’t agree that blogging platforms fit there completely. They aren’t about what you are doing or thinking every day, though some blogs are like that. Perhaps it’s snobbery on my part to think that blogging is better than what people are writing on Facebook or twitter!

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