Cell or cellular trap

A cell phone has become as necessary for us

As the air we need to breathe or the food we eat

Even kids are roaming the streets with devices in their hands

Looking for cellular connectivity, free Wi-Fi or a hot spot

Social media has trapped us all in it’s inviting snare

Forever flashing headlines captivating the educated

Tic-tok , YouTube, WhatsApp all seem attractive like the devil

Can you imagine a day without your mind not imprisoned

Behind the bars of the cell of your device?


Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “starts with or contains ‘cel.’” Find a word that begins with or contains “cel” and use it in your post any way you’d like. Have fun!

Written for Linda’s SoCS- Cel



82 thoughts on “Cell or cellular trap

  1. So very true…and the panic from someone you don’t answer in a moment’s time…..most things are better off when unplugged and reset occasionally, especially us! 💞💞💞

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  2. Ah, this is so true. It’s been interesting taking a step back from all digital devices this past week. While I’ve missed all of you, it’s also been beneficial to have some more balance. Excellent post, my friend.

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  3. Daughter is on a plan which locks her electronic devices for set periods. If she wants to use one before the duration has elapsed she has to pay. I couldn’t believe it when she told me

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  4. I call my PD “my little helpful friend”, haha. You can’t imagine! Social media has stood in the way of friendship and physical interactivity truly so much, Sadje. It’s a wonder whether it’ll ever all come to a stop one day.

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