Squeaky Wheels

November 7, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that includes something squeaky. What is squeaky and why? How does it move the story or disrupt a character? Listen, write, and go where the prompt leads!


The squeaky wheel alerted the neighborhood that Frank was there with his wares.

He would load anything he thought he could sell on his pull-cart and do a round of the area twice a day. He had rescued stuff from the dumpsters, things that were found discarded along the road, old toys, and sometimes a chair too.

He would just stand on the walkway, hoping to sell some things, and make enough money to buy food for himself. I’d usually go outside to check his wares.

Today, I found a stuffed Teddy and he got money for his dinner.


Word count; 99

Written in response to 99 Word Story-Squeaky, hosted by Charli Mills of the carrot ranch



57 thoughts on “Squeaky Wheels

  1. I loved your story. It gives us a little bit of insight to the homeless population. Though I don’t have a Frank with a cart, I always buy food for the homeless veterans that live down the street from mine and Shawn’s apartment complex and have made friends with one of them who told me his life story over lunch one day. It’s important to remember that they are people too ❤️ thank you for helping Frank out, and thank you for sharing your wonderful story 🥰

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      1. I agree. I told my husband that if my novel writing career takes off, I want to open a homeless shelter where homeless people have a place to go and stay until they are able to function in society again. If they can’t, then they would have a place to live and stay. It would be fully staffed with therapists, social workers, lawyers, doctors, and nurses (plus care workers). That’s my dream

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  2. A poignant, unfortunately all too realistic story. It’s sad that there are so many people, like Frank, who are homeless or struggle to make a living from whatever they can find. I always hope their situations improve.

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