Re-do or re- capture and re-direct

This is perhaps the shortest word prompt we have done on RXC, yet it encompasses so much.

The prompt is

Any word starting with Re


Many of us want the option to re-do things in life

All the mess-ups needed to be corrected and put right

And when the option, naturally, is not available to anyone

We live lives in regret thinking of what if and only if

But I have a different option for all those people

Why not seize that moment of failure in your mind

And think back on how to re-capture that possibility in life

Maybe learn from the mistakes in the past and go forward

Do better, take a different course, and re-direct your steps

We live life one day at a time so that we can learn from yesterday

And do things differently today and tomorrow!


Written in response to;RXC PROMPT #256, hosted by Reena



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