Mommy play with me…please!

Mommy please play with me” came the innocent request from my 3-year-old granddaughter, who was trying to get her mom to play a game of good guys- bad guys with her.

My daughter, her mom wasn’t feeling so chipper but as usual, she gave in with good grace.

You be the bad guy mommy and I’ll be the good guy,” she said in her authoritarian voice, her mom disagreed, she wanted to be the good guy.

But mommy it’s just a pretend game and you’ll be just a pretend bad guy, not a real one” she placated her mother with the faultless logic of a 3-year-old.

They played for a while, fake fighting, fake shooting, and squeaks of delight from the little angel, brightening up the whole atmosphere.

Finally, both flop down tired after all the running around, and mommy gets both of them an ice lolly each to replenish the lost energy, and I’m sitting in my room both enjoying and admiring the energy of the mother and daughter duo!


Written by Six Sentence Story- Play, hosted by Denise



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